Nz Spouse/Tourist


Nz Spouse


  1. Original Passport Or Complete Photocopy Of Passport Who Wish To Apply On Spouse Visa.
  2. 4 Pp Size Photographs With White Background
  3. Embassy Fee Of Rs.9050/- The Spouse/Visitor Draft Will Be Made In Favor Of ” Ministry Of Business Innovation & Employement” Payable At New Delhi.
  4. TT Fee Of Rs.950/- In Favour Of Tt Services Payable At Chandigarh
  5. Form No. Inz 1198 Duly Filled & Signed (Partnership Based Temporary Visa Application)
  6. For No. Inz 1146 (Form For Partners Supporting Partnership-Based Temporary Entry Application
  7. Processing Fee As Discussed.
  8. Marriage Certificate
  9. Marriage Photographs In Pen Drive
  10. Marriage Cd               
  11. Personal Statement Of Marriage
  12. Marriage Cards From Both Parties
  13. Gurudwara/Mandir Certificate Duly Translated In English
  14. Endorsement Of Spouse Name In Both Passports
  15. Honey Moon Pics
  16. Honeymoon Hotel Bills
  17. Honeymoon Air Tickets If Travelled By Air
  18. Bills Of Resturants/Parking/Toll Plazas/Movies If Gone
  19. Gold Purchase Proof On The Name Of Spouse
  1. Whats Ap/Facebook Chat Brfore And After Marriage
  2. Joint Pics In Gathering/Functions Like Any Birthday Party/Marriage Party
  3. Family Pics
  4. Insurance Policy Where Nominee Should Be Spouse
  5. Adhar Card Of New Address Mentioning Spouse Name/Husband Name
  6. Joint Bank Account Statement
  7. Bank Account Statement Showing Transaction Of Fee From Spouse/Joint Account
  8. Joint Account Transactions For The Last 6 Months
  9. Spouse Itrs
  10. Spouse Pan No
  11. Spouse Visiting Card/Business Card Proof
  12. Spouse Affidavits
  13. Current Account Statement For The Last 6 Months, If Having the Same
  14. Spouse Business Profile
  15. Business Registration No. Of Spouse
  16. Service Tax Or Gst No.
  17. If Spouse Is In Service, Pl Deposit Following Proofs
  • Employment Proof
  • Icard
  • Itrs’
  • Form 16
  • Office Proof
  • Salary Account Statement
  • Pf/Gpf Statement If Any
  1. Property Documents Where Both Names Are Mentioned
  2. Purchase Of Car/Vehicles On The Name Of Spouse/SelfSpouse If Studying In New Zealand/Australia, then Following Documents Are Reqd
  • Offer Letter
  • Bank Account Statement
  • Mobile/Contact No
  • Address Proof In Abroad
  • Fee Receipt
  • Duration Of Course
  • Proof Of Chat From Abroad To India To Your Concerned Spouse
  • Letter Of Confirmation Of Attending Classes From College        Where You Are Studying
  • Complete Passport Copy With Visa Stamped.
  1. Deposit Blank Affidavit Of Sponsors Alongwith NZ Spouse And Main     Applicant  For Rs. 20/- Plus Each (One Each)
  2. All Academic Documents In Original Alongwith Photocopy

Funds Requirements

  1. Minimum Funds Like Saving/Fdr/Ppf/Post Office Saving/Gpf Of                        Rs.4-5 Lacs
  2. It Can Be New, If Do Not Have Old Funds