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British universities from time immemorial have been offering a wide diversity of courses from the most traditional academic areas to most practical courses with a vocational orientation. Each of British universities and collages have their own strengths and areas of specialization, they are all major contributors to the research and development in the. British universities require their students to take an active role in their education and place great importance on developing a student’s ability to think creatively and critically. University qualifications include Bachelor, Graduate Diploma, Masters, DBA and PhD Degrees.

Higher Education

Be a genuine students intending to under take studies and abide by the visa conditions Be accepted by the education provider in a full time registered course Have adequate means of financial support for the period of the course. This means that the applicant should have already access to liquid assets (like bank balance, fixed deposit, bank loans) required to meet the course fees, living costs and other associated costs like airfares, health insurance etc. Have the required English score


In order to get a British students visa, an application needs to:
Should have a consistent education and employment background Be of good health Be of good character. This means that the applicant should not have any criminal convictions, criminal charges or pending court hearings for most up to date information about the British visa regulations, please visit our office.


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