IELTS Versus CELPIP: Which one is right for you?

There might be many of you who feel indecisive about English proficiency tests, especially those of you who are in the queue for Canada Immigration. Are you one of them? Are you also confused between IELTS and CELPIP?

Let us help you understand each test a little better so that you can make an informed decision.

(IELTS) International English Language Testing System and (CELPIP) the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) both are English language proficiency tests. These tests can be used for study/work/ immigration visas. Both of these tests are a skill-based exam but accept American and British spelling and grammar in the tests.

Apart from the above similarities, many aspects differ in both tests.


Applicability For all English speaking countries Specifically for Canada
Usefulness For study/work/immigration Specifically for those looking for permanent residency in Canada
Assessment For General English  For Canadian English
Focus English proficiency in Academic and General field English proficiency in the functional language
Mode of Exam Paper-based. Speaking test is done by an authorized person Completely computer-based. 
Scoring band 1 lowest to 9 highest in each section  1 to 12 in each section given as per the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB)
Time Duration Total time 2 hours 45 minutes. A separate date is allocated for speaking. Total time 3 hours and the entire exam is done in one sitting.
Results Takes 13 calendar days Takes 10 -12 calendar days but with the express system, in 3 business days for an additional $100 fee.

You can make a choice based on the exam category that fits your needs.


The exam has 4 compulsory sections, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. If you are interested in studying abroad then choose from the Academic segment for Reading and Writing or else the General segment. Listening and Speaking are common for everyone whether you are going for study, work or immigration. 


The exam has two types – General Exam and LS exam. The General exam is just like IELTS and should be chosen if you are planning to study or work in Canada. But if you are specifically looking for Canada immigration then the LS exam is best for you. This category of the exam is for 1hour 10 minutes and include Listening and Speaking test only.

Let us decode the Exam Tasks for you to make further better choices!

  • The Reading section of IELTS Academic has tasks ranging from descriptive and factual to lengthy and analytical which is tougher compared to CELPIP or IELTS General that comprises of regular correspondence and information.


  • The Writing section in IELTS needs higher skills for writing an essay and reporting a diagram as compared to CELPIP where you need to write an email and then simply respond to a survey question.


  • The Listening and Speaking sections are more detailed and need more functional language proficiency for CELPIP as compared to IELTS. 


Overall, it’s only you who can decide which test you actually feel is best suited as per your need.

How Sunland Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh can help you?

We at the moment may not be coaching for CELPIP but we have people coming even from outside Chandigarh to prepare for IELTS/PTE exams with us. With our expert trainers and well-structured training program, we assure you to provide the best support you need for upgrading your English proficiency level so that you can clear your chosen test with your dream score.


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