PTE: (Pearson Test of English)

PTE: (Pearson Test of English)

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Features of PTE:

                 FAST√                               FAIR√             CONVENIENT√
    Results are usually available                           within 48 hours.       Computer-based testing means you are                        guesstimated objectively.    You can book your test up to 24                   hours in advance.


The PTE test is divided into three portions. It consists of the speaking, writing, reading, and listening sections. The number of task kinds varies by section. The term “task sorts” is used to refer to different types of inquiries. There are 20 different work types in all. The following is how pieces are divided:


               Section           TASK TYPES                 Range                 Timing
           Introduction      Personal Introduction                     1                1 Minute


              & Writing

           Read Aloud                    6-7  



       Repeat Sentence                  10-12
        Describe Image                    3-4
        Re-Tell Lecture                    1-2
    Answer Short Question                    5-6
   Summarize Written Text                    1-2
         Write an Essay                    1-2


              Section             Task Type                   Range                Timing
             Reading    Multiple Choice, choose               single answer                     1-2                 29-30


   Multiple Choice, choose              multiple answer                     1-2
      Re-order paragraph                     2-3
  Fill in the blanks- Reading                     4-5
 Fill in the blanks- Reading                   Writing                     5-6


               Section           Type Types                  Range                Timing
            Listening    Summarize Spoken Text                    1-2                 30-43



   Multiple Choice, Choose             multiple answer                    1-2
         Fill in the blanks                    2-3
 Highlight Correct Summary                    1-2
   Multiple Choice, Choose              Single Answer                    1-2
     Select Missing Word                    1-2
   Highlight Incorrect words                    2-3
      Write from Dictation                    3-4

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