About Canada

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About Canada

  • Capital : Ottawa
  • Largest City : Toronto
  • Dialing Code : +1
  • Currency : Cdn
  • Population : 34.48 Million (CENSUS 2011)
  • Official Languages: : English And French
  • Government : Federal Parliamentary Democracy Under Constitutional Monarchy
  •  National Bird : Beaver , Canadian Horse
  • National Flower : White Trillium
  •  Main Provinces : Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta

The Name Canada Comes From The St. Lawrence Iroquoian Word Kanata, Meaning “VILLAGE” Or “SETTLEMENT. Canada Is A North American Country Consisting Of Ten Provinces And Three Territories. It Is Located In The Northern Part Of The Continent, It Extends From The Atlantic To The Pacific And Northward Into The Arctic Ocean. Canada Is A Developed Country, With The Ninth Highest Per Capita Income Globally. It Ranks Among The Highest In International Measurements Of Education, Government Transparency, Civil Liberties, Quality Of Life, And Economic Freedom. Canada Is A Recognized Middle Power And A Member Of Many International Institutions, Including The G7, G8, G20, Iccpr, Nato, Nafta, Oecd, Wto, Commonwealth Of Nations, Francophonie, Oas, Apec, And The United Nations.


The Mandatory School Age Ranges Between 5–7 To 16–18 Years,[198] Contributing To An Adult Literacy Rate Of 99 Percent.

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