Top 10 Careers after Studying in the United States

Top 10 Careers after Studying In America

Students who want to land a good job, make a higher salary, and have more opportunities to make money should consider Studying In the USA. What if you don’t want to spend your entire day working for businesses? What if you ultimately want to become well-known and distinctive? We’ve created this list of 10 careers after studying in America as a result.

1. Analysis of business

A business analyst is what?

An individual who analyses a company’s needs and suggests solutions to address them is known as a business analyst. They help businesses improve their operations and make better decisions about the course of their company’s future by utilising their knowledge of technical and non-technical skills.

You’ll need strong analytical skills, as well as excellent communication skills, to succeed in this position because you’ll need to work well with both internal stakeholders (like managers) and external clients/customers.

Which Qualifications Are Required To Become A Business Analyst?

The best way for anyone interested in pursuing a BA or BBA at graduate school is not through what they already know (though this does play a role); rather, it is through how much effort they are willing to put into continuously learning new things!

2. Accountant

Accountants are in great demand and esteemed for their meticulousness. They are also well known for having strong math abilities, which makes them a fantastic choice for jobs after finishing their Studying In America.

With an average salary of more than $60k annually, accounting is one of the most sought-after careers after Studying abroad In America. This means that there is a good chance that you will be able to find employment quickly after graduation if you studied accounting in your home country.

3. Manager of Products

The success of the product is up to the product managers. They must be able to communicate with other departments like sales and marketing because they are in charge of the product from conception to launch. Involved parties’ needs, such as those of investors or customers, must also be managed.

4. Software Developer

The core of the technology sector is comprised of software engineers. They can earn a lot of money and are in demand!

At their organisations, software engineers have numerous opportunities for advancement. The Burning Glass Technologies 2019 report on employment trends in software engineering roles predicts a 10% increase in employment over the following ten years.

As an entry-level software engineer looking for your first job or career move after graduating from a college or university programme like ours, this means there will be plenty of opportunities for you.

5. Consultant

A consultant is a person who offers clients consultation, advice, and expertise. By offering solutions or by investigating problems, they assist businesses in finding solutions. A consultant can find employment in a number of sectors, including law enforcement, business consulting, and healthcare.

You need experience in one of these fields, as well as excellent communication skills so you can clearly explain what needs to be done and how to do it best, in order to become a consultant.

The average salary for consultants ranges from $60k to $100k annually, depending on the type of company they work for (small firms typically do not pay as well as large ones).

The decision to accept more money is entirely up to the consultants since they also receive bonuses based on performance. Don’t lose hope just yet; there are plenty of opportunities available.

6. Actuary

An actuary is a person, who?

Actuaries are in high demand in the insurance sector, where they assist in setting premium prices. When determining how much premiums should be, they assess risks using their knowledge of statistics and probability.

According to Payscale’s survey results from 2018, an actuary makes an average yearly salary of $126,230.

7. Analyst, financial

The financial planning, analysis, and reporting of the company’s financial activities are all the responsibility of financial analysts. Additionally, they conduct market research to identify future profitable goods and services.

An accredited college or university’s undergraduate programme in economics or accounting can prepare you for a career as a financial analyst. To succeed, you’ll need solid math abilities, some statistical knowledge, and excellent communication skills because you’ll need to write reports.

Until they have been in their position for a number of years, financial analysts typically work full-time on their own projects with little oversight from their managers.

This indicates that they frequently have the chance to gradually develop their own areas of expertise within their companies through self-study activities like reading trade literature specifically geared towards those types of questions asked during interviews (“What kind(s)of research do I need before conducting my own?”, etc.).

8. Banker, Investment

By locating investors and advising them on where to put their money, investment bankers assist businesses in raising capital. Due to the lack of employment opportunities in this field, investment bankers must charge fees for their services in order to make a living.

Hedge funds/private equity funds (HFC) and financial institutions (FI) are the two main categories of investment banks. While HFC focuses more on institutional investors like sovereign wealth funds and pension funds, FI focuses more on retail clients.

Before applying for jobs at these firms, you must have at least three years of experience working with stocks, bonds, or derivatives if you want to become an investment banker; if working with hedge funds is your dream job, you must have five years of experience!

9. Managing Project

Planning, organising, staffing, leading, and controlling resources to accomplish specific goals is the process of project management. It involves overseeing a project from the beginning to the end.

Project management’s primary goal is to make sure that projects are successfully completed on schedule and within budget.

Before beginning any activity on their behalf, project managers must ensure that all stakeholders are involved in their work so that they can understand each other’s needs and expectations.

10. Analyst of data

In order to discover patterns, insights, and correlations, data scientists gather and analyse data. They interpret enormous amounts of data using statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualisation.

There are more opportunities than ever for people who can use this technology to support the growth of businesses as more organisations focus on analytics as a core competency for success in today’s economy (and not just a fad).

Data scientists are employed in a wide range of sectors, including healthcare IT and retail marketing, where they require access to large amounts of data that can be used both inside and outside of an organisation.

Jobs for data scientists are available at big companies looking for someone with experience in fields like predictive modelling, small businesses looking for someone who can help them grow their business through better decision-making based on reliable statistics, and even the government sector if you’re interested in working here!


The lesson from this article should be that you should think about the following factors when making decisions:

  • Your objectives and passions. What kind of profession are you interested in? Do you have any particular knowledge or experiences that would aid you in achieving those objectives?
  • How much more money do I need to earn than I currently do? How much money can I put aside by working part-time over the course of school breaks, the summer, or the winter if necessary in order to fund my retirement, pay for my kid’s college, or launch a business?

You have a lot of opportunities in the USA as a young adult. You can have a bright future if you intend to settle in the US. If you have any questions about Studying In America or immigration, contact “Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants”.











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