Canada is the most attractive country for immigrants who wish to commute overseas for multifarious reasons. Now a day’s demand for Canada agriculture investment is at pinnacle stage. A person, who can contribute to the cultural landscape of Canada, can relocate to Canada under self employed class of Canada immigration business.

Canada Immigration

For this purpose, one should have at-least 2 years of experience in farm management and should also have an ability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada. The applicant is required to make an application using the prescribed form to the government of Canada immigration office. The applicant is required to submit visa fees with documents relating to farm management and should also prove his ability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada. After submission, the applicant will be called for interview within few months. After this, candidate has to undergo medical clearance. On clearing both these requirements, the applicant will be issued an immigrant visa that allows him to reside permanently in Canada along with the family.

There is one big advantage of this visa i.e. no conditions are imposed on the visa and the whole family can immigrate to Canada at the same time.

So, to meet with all the visa requirements, Sunland Education and consultants are providing efficient services in a transparent manner as it is regarded as renowned consultants in Chandigarh.

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