Employ the Maitri Scholars Program’s Chance to Study in Australia

Employ the Maitri Scholars Program’s Chance to Study in Australia

The majority of Indian students want to study in Australia because of the top-notch education and professional opportunities. But some of them require assistance to meet the financial requirements. To help deserving candidates in these circumstances. The Maitri Scholars Program is utilised in this situation.

Indian students can apply for the Maitri Scholars Program in Australia if they want to study at Australian universities. The scholarship makes it simpler for them to pursue their educational objectives by covering all of their tuition and stipend costs. The scholarship, which is comparable to Fulbright and Rhodes awards, is provided by the Australian government. Additionally, it advances cooperation and relations between India and Australia.

The Maitri Scholars Program will be covered in detail on this blog, giving you all the information you need to pursue your dreams of studying in the land of the kangaroo.

The Maitri Scholars Program: What Is It?

The governments of these two friendly countries launched an initiative called the Maitri Scholars Program to promote intercultural exchange and strengthen ties between India and Australia.

Indian students who want to pursue their academic goals in Australia should take advantage of the Maitri Scholars Program in Australia. The programme offers a living stipend in addition to covering all tuition costs.

This programme will provide financial aid to 45 Indian students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees at Australian universities. Up to four years of study may be supported with these funds.

The main goals of this programme are to improve relations between Australia and India and to introduce Australian culture and education to Indian students. Additionally, it enables Indian students to research employment possibilities in the nation.

Payne discussed Australia and India’s strong ties in trade and investment during the press conference with Minister for External Affairs S. Jaishankar.

These scholarships, according to Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne, are a new set of initiatives aimed at strengthening ties between Australia and India in the fields of education and culture.

Payne declared that the government would give more than USD 11 million over four years to help Indian students pursue their undergraduate and graduate degrees at the top universities in the world. She also disclosed a $3.5 million initiative called the Maitri Fellowships.

She asserted that the Australian education sector, which is currently recovering from the financial impact of COVID-19, benefits greatly from the Maitri programme.

 Eligibility requirements

Being an Indian citizen and having strong academic credentials are the only two requirements for the Maitri Scholarship. For those who want to obtain a graduate degree from an Australian university, there are some restrictions.

Benefits Provided by Maitri

1. Financial Support:

International students in Australia are given financial aid through the programme to help with living and tuition costs.

2. Access to mentoring and assistance

The programme helps its scholars navigate their academic journey in Australia by offering mentorship and support. Scholars can profit from the counsel and direction of seasoned mentors who can assist them in overcoming any difficulties they may encounter.

3. Possibility of Attending a Top University:

One of the best universities in Australia, University of New South Wales (UNSW), offers the Maitri Scholars Program. The university’s top-notch academic programmes and research facilities are available to students who are given the scholarship.

4. Networking Possibilities

To help its participants network with other students and academics in their field of study, the programme offers networking opportunities. Opportunities for scholars to grow their professional networks and form meaningful relationships are valuable.

5. Exchange of Cultures

Through the programme, which encourages cultural exchange, students gain knowledge of various viewpoints and cultures. Their understanding of the world and intercultural competence may be enhanced as a result.

Application Method

Candidates must register online for the Maitri Scholarships using a working email address and phone number. They will get a registration number and password right away.

Online applications open in May and close in June each year. Students must turn in their academic transcripts and letters of recommendation. They must also upload scanned copies of the necessary documents to the application.


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