Australia Spouse Visa

Australia Spouse Visa

An Australian spouse visa is also known as an Australian Partner visa. The Australian spouse visa allows you to invite your husband/wife or your fiancé (in a committed relationship) to immigrate in Australia. The primary applicant must be the Permanent resident of Australia as it provides a pathway to Permanent Residency based on a dedicated relationship with the resident.

Types of spouse visa:

Types of spouse visa:

Prospective marriage visa Onshore Partner visa Offshore partner visa
  1. Prospective marriage visa: The prospective marriage visa is also known as the fiancé/fiancée visa.
  2. Onshore Partner visa: “Onshore partner visa” means the visa applicant (the one being sponsored) has to be present physically inside. Australia to apply for this visa. Also, the applicant must have some kind of temporary visa like work visa, study visa, etc.
  3. Offshore partner visa: An Offshore Partner Visa means that the visa applicant must be physically outside of Australia to apply for this visa, and they also have to be physically outside of Australia for it to be granted.

Benefits of spouse visa:

Eligibility of spouse visa in Australia:

How to get spouse visa form India?

  1. Documents: Documents which enhances your immigration or visa process must be prepared.
  2. Apply for the Australian partner visa application: You have to apply an online partner visa application. Once you have lodged the partner visa application, you must pay the fees and keep the receipt.
  3. Wait for the response of DHA: DHA decides the approval/rejection of your application which might take few months. After the approval, you receive your visa.


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