Benefits of PR

Benefits of PR (Permanent Residence)

Benefits of PR (Permanent Residence)

👉 Benefits of PR: Some countries in the world recognize permanent residency (PR) or citizenship by birth. Which in simple terms means that if an individual is born in any of these countries, he naturally becomes the citizen of that country by birth? India, however, does not offer citizenship by birth. One can seek PR of any country of his choice if he/she desires to live and earn a living in any country other than the country of his origin.

👉 Each country has its own terms and conditions which one has to full fill to be granted permanent residency of that particular country. Each country offers various benefits for those seeking PR and meeting the terms and conditions. One would generally seek PR of a country that would provide him/ her with a better life, better education, better medical care, better career opportunities, better security, etc than his own country.


👉 The most favored nations for which one seeks PR are the first world countries, that is to say, the USA, Canada, European countries, Australia and New Zealand. Each country has fixed a minimum period of stay in the country on a PR visa. One has to live continuously in the country without a break to become eligible for citizenship in that country.

Canada PR

Benefits of Australia PR

👉 The minimum period of stay of some of the countries is mentioned below: –

(a)    Canada              –        3 years

(b)    Australia           –        4 years

(c)    New Zealand   –        5 years

(d)   USA                    –        5 years, 3 years in case married to a US national

(e)    UK                      –        5 years, 2 years in case married to a UK national




👉 These countries offer more or less similar benefits to those seeking PR and meet the terms and conditions. These benefits are broadly mentioned below: –

(a)     Free education up to the school level.

(b)     Subsidized education at college and university level.

(c)     Free Government Loan under Fee Help Scheme.

(d)     Free Medical

(e)     Pension for senior citizens.


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