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The Immigration Advisers Authority is responsible for the regulation of the immigration advice industry. The IAA’s role is to administer the licensing regime, maintain a public register of licensed immigration advisor and help with the education and professional development of immigration advisers.

Licensed Immigration Advisor

The IAA is also responsible for handling complaints and anyone can make a complaint about a licensed immigration adviser or a former licensed immigration advisor.  The IAA investigates and takes enforcement action in relation to offences under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act.

By law, any person that gives you immigration advice about New Zealand must be licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless they are exempt.

Furthermore, This includes people giving New Zealand immigration advice from China, India or anywhere in the world.

Knowledge of New Zealand’s Licensed immigration advisor scheme

Advisers must be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The purpose and key provisions of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007.
  • The functions of the Licensed Immigration Advisor Authority and the Registrar of Immigration Advisers.
  • Who must be licensed to provide New Zealand immigration advice.
  • Who is exempt or prohibited from the requirement to be licensed to provide New Zealand immigration advice.
  • What constitutes ‘immigration advice’.
  • The role of the Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal:

its functions and powers; grounds for complaint; disciplinary sanctions; and possible outcomes from complaints procedures. 2.7. All of the offences under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007.

The responsibilities of licensed immigration advisor including:

adhering to the code of conduct; continuing professional development requirements; annual license renewal and notifying the Registrar of changes in circumstances.



The SUNLAND EDUCATION AND IOMMIGRATION CONSUILTANTS, CHANDIGARH feels proud to announce that thousands of applicants have been guided by them towards their education and career paths. And also, we have helped them to attain education from world’s recognized institutes. Our CEO, Ms. Anisha Gupta is certified member of the following organizations:-

  1. Registered Migration Agent (MARA), Australia bearing Marn No. 0954994.
  2. Licensed Immigration Adviser (IAA), New Zealand bearing License no. 200902725.
  3. Qualified Education Agent Counselor QEAC (PIER) bearing Membership no.G122.
  4. United States Agent Training Course (USATC) bearing Regd. No. USCG00018.
  5. ENZ Trained Agent, New Zealand.
  6. UNIAGENT certified Agent.

Ms. Anisha Gupta, working since 2001, has a vast experience in the field of immigration and visa consultancy. She herself is an Australian Citizen, having been residing in India from last many years. She is the member of Immigration Advisers                 Authority, New Zealand, and has proved herself at each step of this journey of miles. Anisha Gupta is the Best IAA, New Zealand member in the Chandigarh.  Not only New Zealand, but she has expertise in providing immigration related consultancy for many countries. For instance, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Russia, Europe, UK, USA, Cyprus and many more.

A team of experts work under her and they also have many years of experience in the field of immigration and visa consultancy.

Our first and foremost motto since the beginning has been to serve the Quality and to build long lasting Relations with our clients. We hold the hands of our clients till they completely settle down in their destination country.

We feel pride to deal with each of our clients, so kindly feel free to contact us :


Mr. Gulshan kumar, Director Marketing



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Sector 32D, Behind Nirman Cinema,
Chandigarh, INDIA 160 030


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