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In New Zealand IAA – the Immigration Advisors Authority is the regulatory body governing immigration authority to agencies the world over. Sunland is accredited with New Zealand IAA, Immigration Advisors Authority which is governed by New Zealand Government and Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment New Zealand.

As an IAA authorized agency Sunland is a licensed advisor with specialist expertise meeting competency standards as detailed by Immigration Advisors Authority of New Zealand government. Sunland follows all the code of conduct and ethics as regulated by IAA. Sunland always follows the guidelines of IAA and gets into a written agreement with the client clearly mentioning the services provided and the cost associated, also the charges of fees are fair and reasonable adhering to the norms set out by IAA. As an IAA approved agency Sunland explores all your visa options and chooses the right visa then prepare your visa application.

The risks of using a person who is not licensed by IAA of New Zealand are lethal as outlined:

Visa application will be returned by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) if it is not filed by an IAA accredited agency. Immigration New Zealand does not accept applications from unlicensed people acting illegally.

Unlicensed agent may not be honest with you or Immigration New Zealand thus lying on the visa application will be considered as a criminal offence and dishonesty will affect your future visas or jobs and render your applications useless. Never take any agent without the license of IAA.

Applying with unauthorized agents that do not have IAA will force your application to be declined because the unlicensed person has no immigration knowledge or skills.

Thus you must make sure that your agent is licensed by IAA. Sunland is licensed, authorized and accredited by IAA New Zealand at all times. Sunland follows all their policy from time to time ensuring that your immigration application to New Zealand is always successful. Sunland advises and follows a set of ethical and professional standards as set out by IAA New Zealand and the full standards that Sunland adheres to are set out in the Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct.

Providing New Zealand immigration advice when not licensed is an offence under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act. Anyone found breaking the law can face imprisonment and a fine to the tune of one hundred thousand dollars as outlined by Immigration Advisors Authority of New Zealand. Don’t let anyone without IAA authorization handle your immigration case for New Zealand.

Rest assured Sunland has approval of IAA Immigration Advisors Authority of New Zealand to handle any immigration case about New Zealand. This means you as an applicant can feel free and safe in the hands of Sunland in all matters concerning your Visa for New Zealand.



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