Canada PR Express Entry Steps

If you are continuously searching about how to apply PR for Canada then this blog will really help you alot. India is an important or main Source providing new immigrants to Canada.

Now Canada offers PR to many new applicants due to COVID -19. Applying PR from India is easy as well as difficult in some steps. But if you are 25 or above then you must consult with the best consultant for the procedure for how to apply Canada PR Express Entry steps.

Now we will discuss how you can apply Canada PR from India with help of Express Entry-.

Express Entry: 

Express Entry is one of the main categories through which applicants apply for Permanent Residency. There are three main subcategories in the express entry system: 

  • Federal Skilled Class
  • Federal Skilled trade
  • Canadian experience Class

If you want to apply canadian PR from India then you must fall in either of the first two  above mentioned categories. 

Canada PR Express Entry Steps-

  • Check the eligibility-

You become eligible to enter into the express entry pool if you have at least one year experience as well as english/french eligibility exam having valid test results. You also need to clear the medical examination. There should be no criminal records in your history. 

  • Create An Express Entry Profile-

The eligible candidates need to submit a profile in the express entry pool. This profile acts as an Expression of Interest (EOI). Eligible Candidates receive a score based on all the information they provided and will be ranked against other candidates in the pool. The ranking is done on the basis of CRS score that is out of 1200 points. The higher the points are of the CRS score, the higher are the chances to achieve the invitation. The CRS scores are used as a cut-off in the express entry draws. The CRS score distinguishes various applicants on the basis of academics, job experience, language skills etc. Some factors like having a job offer, provincial nomination are also considered in the CRS score. 

  • Receive an Invitation of Application-  

The IRCC conducts express entry draws every two weeks. In the Draws, candidates who fall above the cut _ off rank are invited to apply  for canadian permanent residence. If a candidate is not invited until 12 months, the profile expires and they have to submit a new profile.

  • Improve Your CRS Score-

Candidates who do not have a decent CRS Score. The Candidates can submit a new application with up to date information. Examples- New language scores, assessment of education credentials, additional work experience, job offer. 

  • Submit your application for PR– 

When you receive your invitation to reply, you have 60 days to submit a complete application for the permanent residency. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the applicants are given a period of 90- days to submit a complete application. The whole application has to be submitted online. You need to submit a complete report of   personal as professional information with supporting documents. After submitting a complete application, you need to wait for the result. Most of the files are processed within a period of 6 months. 

So these were the Canada PR Express Entry Steps. Sunland education and immigration consultants are the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh. We have successfully sent thousands of people to immigrate to Canada through express entry. Canada PR Express Entry Steps are very simple and convenient if you have a strong profile. 

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