Bill C-6 passed-Making it easier for Canadian Immigrants

The SUNLAND EDUCATION AND IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS, being the best Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh wants you to be updated about the various countries immigration procedures , that is the reason we keep you updating about the facts about countries’ rules and regulations which may help you decide and if decided, to get aware about further actions to take. Recently, In Canada, the bill C-6 has been passed which has come up with some amendments under it, benefiting the immigrants who want Canadian Immigrants(citizenship).

Canadian Immigrants

What is Bill C-6?

An act to amend the citizenship act and to make consequential amendments to another act.

It is covered under 42nd parliament and its 1st session. This act has been given Royal Assent on June 19, 2017 and is now a law, beneficial to thousands of immigrants and their families. According to the new legislation, the permanent residents may apply for citizenship sooner which used to be very late previously.

Some of the Changes that have taken place immediately after it was passed-

  • Previous Act

Citizenship could be revoked from dual citizens convicted of treason, spying and terrorism offences, depending on the sentence received, or who were a part of an armed force of a country or organized group engaged in conflict with Canada.


Permanent Dual citizens living in Canada who are convicted of these crimes will face the Canadian justice system, like other Canadian Immigrants who break the law. The earlier act has been repealed.


  • Previous Act-

The applicants were required to intend to continue to live in Canada if granted citizenship.


Applicants are no longer required to intend to live in Canada if granted citizenship. This provides more flexibility to Canadians who want to live outside Canada for any reason either be work or any personal issue.

  • Previous Act-

The minister had the right to waive some decisions under Subsection 5(1) of the Citizenship Act according to which a minor could obtain the citizenship without a Canadian parent.


The minor can apply for citizenship as age requirement for obtaining the citizenship has been removed under subsection 5(10). A person having the custody or having be4en declared as the caretaker of a minor, can apply for the citizenship him/her, unless that is waived by the minister.

  • Previous Act-

There was no provision to prevent individuals serving a sentence in the community from being granted citizenship, taking the oath of citizenship or towards meeting the requirements for citizenship.


Individuals serving a conditional sentence will not be granted citizenship, take the Oath of Citizenship, or be able to count towards meeting the physical presence requirements for citizenship.


  • Previous Act-

The Minister has the discretion to grant citizenship to a person to alleviate cases of special and unusual hardship, or to reward services of an exceptional value to Canada.


Statelessness has been added as a stand-alone ground that can be considered for a discretionary grant of citizenship.

  • Previous Act-

The department has the measures to accommodate to the needs of the citizenship applicants, but there was no special reference to accommodate the disabled persons in the Citizenship Act.


The requirement to take into consideration reasonable measures to accommodate the needs of a citizenship applicant who is a disabled person is now included in the Citizenship Act.

We hope that this article may help you in upgrading your knowledge about Canadian Immigrants rules and regulations.

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