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Denmark Spouse Visa: Sunland Education and Immigration Consultants, Chandigarh is a name to reckon within the field of Education and Immigration. When you think of any kind of visa to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US, the first name that comes to mind is that of Sunland. Now another feather in our already crowded cap is that we at Sunland will provide you all assistance for getting a spouse visa for Denmark.

Denmark is a European country and is one of the most scenic countries to immigrate to. There are various reasons that immigrants from all over the world are getting attracted to Denmark.

Denmark is quickly climbing the ladder to becoming one of the top countries for immigration destinations in the European Union (EU). This country is one of the five countries that make the Nordic nations. The smallest but the most popular of them all – Denmark is known as the country where there is happiness. The capital city, Copenhagen has a famous title – ‘World’s Most Livable City’. Some attractions include a stable economy, low unemployment rate, and a strong labor market.

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Historically, Denmark is known for the huge Vikings who had several traditional customs. There are mystery stories about mermaids as the country has great beaches all over. Some of the world’s most famous cuisines and savories originated from Denmark. Culturally, the people of the nation follow customs that are a blend of the Scandinavian region and of Europe. Several traditions, customs, and beliefs of the people of Denmark are a mix of these regions. 

The department for Immigration and visas in Denmark has a green card scheme for foreign nationals who would like to work, live, and settle there. People who have stayed there for long and would like to take their family members along should have sufficient funds to support the spouse/family. 

Like all classes of visas in several countries, Denmark to has some requirements. Danish Immigration has a simple and straightforward process for the aspiring dependent migrants. Depending on the profile of the spouse who wants to go there, it takes some time for processing the request leading up to a couple of months at times.

The spouse has to submit a marriage certificate to prove the marriage. Similarly, the child of the Denmark green card visa holder must have a birth certificate. All the documents are subject to verification by the authorities. In addition to this, the Passport should have at least 12 months’ validity before it expires at the time the visa application is submitted. In case the validity of the passport of the applicant is less than 12 months at the time of applying for the visa the applicant has to apply for renewal of the passport. 

When the spouse gets a green card dependent visa the spouse becomes a Denmark Green Card holder and has the authority to reside in Denmark. This also authorizes the spouse, who is now a green card Dependent Visa Holder to work in Denmark. The validity of the spouse visa is linked to the main resident’s green card. On the expiry of the spouse visa, the holder cannot work or live there anymore. However, the spouse can apply for its extension. It is therefore wise to apply in time for an extension of the Denmark spouse visa and not to apply for it after its expiry.

Some of the general requirement for a visa for Denmark are mentioned below:-

  • Correct application form duly filled out.
  • Valid Passport having at least 12 months to expiry
  • Two Passport size photographs.
  • Travel Insurance with a minimum coverage of Euro 30,000.
  • Proof of Accommodation.
  • Bank statements from the previous three months.

Besides the aforesaid, all other aspects, if any, for the spouse visa to Denmark will be addressed by us at Sunland. Just pass on all your worries and anxieties to Sunland and rest assured of smooth sailing to Denmark just as we provide smooth sailing to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and the US.

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