The cost of education in Canada for Indian students

The cost of education in Canada for Indian students

Students from India shouldn’t worry about the cost of Education In Canada because Canada is one of the most affordable countries to do so. In comparison to the US or Australia, the total cost of attending school in Canada is slightly or significantly lower. When it comes to studying abroad, tuition costs represent the biggest expense.

Depending on the Canadian university, the total tuition costs range from CAD 30,000 to 20,000. Food, lodging, health insurance, and transportation all count as living expenses. Depending on the Canadian city or region you choose, this will also change.

Here is a breakdown of the approximate price of studying in Canada in Indian rupees:

Type of Study Cost Estimated Cost in INR
Program of Undergraduate Study 6,46,000 – 16,15,000
Program for Postgraduate Studies 9,54,000
Entry exam costs 14,000
Exam fees for entrance 11,000
Application Fee for Visa 4,500

Program for Bachelor’s Degrees

According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition cost for undergraduate study programmes in Canada is CAD 29,174. The average tuition for courses in the humanities stream is $5,542, which is lower than many other streams. The most expensive courses are those in engineering and medicine. Compared to the Canadian national average, the cost of management and business courses is lower.

UG Level Programs Average Annual Fees in CAD Average Annual Fees in INR
Engineering 31201.84 18,17,000
Arts 23268.29 13,55,000
Medicine Courses 30051.30 17,50,000
Nursing Courses 20297.51 11,82,000
Dentistry 52409.47 30,52,000
Humanities, Business & Management 26546.46 15,45,900
Law 30738.19 17,90,000
Diploma Courses $29999.99 INR 17,47,012

Program for Masters’ Degrees

Post-graduate programmes typically have lower tuition costs, though this varies by programme. The most expensive MBA programmes are typically the executive ones.

PG Level Programs Average Annual Fees in CAD Average Annual Fees in INR
Engineering 17859.06 10,40,000
Arts 13651.88 7,95,000
MBA 36052.98 – 61716.79 20,99,500 – 35,94,000
Management Courses 22856.16 13,31,000
Medicine Courses 17172.17 – 25758.26 1000000 – 1500000
Nursing Courses 14956.96 8,71,000
Dentistry 20795.50 12,11,000
Law 15970.12 9,30,000

You can estimate the amount of money needed to pay for your Education In Canada by looking at the estimated range of tuition costs for the master’s and bachelor’s programmes. From any of the chosen institutions, you can choose the study programme that is the most suitable for you. Your strategy must be to strike a balance between the cost of tuition, your spending limit, and the program’s intended goal.

Application Fees for Canada Study Permits

A study permit is necessary for international students who want to enrol in a Canadian university for professional or academic training. It applies to study programmes and courses that last longer than six months. If the study programme is shorter than six months, this is not the case. If such international students want to stay in Canada longer, they can apply for a Canadian student visa.

The application fee for a Canada Study Permit is 150 CAD or 8,542 INR. The cost of the application depends on the student’s nationality and the Canadian university. A Letter of Acceptance and other required documents must be submitted by applicants. It includes the Minimum Bank Balance and Proof of Funds required for the Student Visa application. For a year, this is INR 10,00,000 or more.

Living expenses

In addition to tuition costs, the Canada Study Visa regulations stipulate a minimum yearly income requirement of CAD 10,000. In the province of Quebec, it is 11,000 CAD. However, living expenses in Canada will be even more expensive. The cost of living in Canada varies greatly depending on your lifestyle and where you live. In comparison to other Canadian cities, the popular ones are more expensive to live in.

According to Mercer’s 2019 Cost of Living Survey, Toronto has the highest cost of living in Canada. Vancouver came in second, and rents in these twin cities are significantly higher.

While you are a student in Canada, you must also purchase health insurance. The annual cost will be between 800 and 600 CAD.

PG Level ProgramsTypes Of Expenses Cost in CAD Cost in INR
Flight Expense 0 1,00,000- 2,00, 000/- per flight
Study Permit Fees 150 11,123
Work Permit Fees 155 11,493
IELTS Test Fees 0 14,700
Accommodation 5,000 –10,000 per annum 2,67,000- 5,39,000 per annum
Travel Costs 80 –110 per month 4,300 – 6,000 per month
Health Insurance 300- 800 17,000- 44,000
Food 300- 400 monthly 17,508 – 23,344 monthly
Entertainment 750 monthly 43,770 monthly

Scholarships for Canadian Universities

Due to the large number of Indian students applying to study in Canada, numerous exemptions and facilities are now available to them. The scholarships provided to them and other international students are intended to provide them with financial support. These aid in lowering expenses and the cost of attending school in Canada.

Scholarships are awarded in accordance with academic achievement, merit, and potential. Verify each one’s eligibility requirements before applying, then do so.

The following is a list of the most prestigious scholarships for Indian students that are offered in Canada:

  • Scholarships for Graduate Study in Canada
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  • Program for Lester B. Pearson Overseas Scholarships
  • President’s Scholarship for Global Leaders
  • Award for a Future International Leader
  • Fellowship for Graduate Study from the University of Manitoba (UMGF)
  • The Seneca Renewable Entrance to The Scholarship of Merit for International Students
  • Contributory Scholarship
  • Grants from the Trudeau Foundation

The Canadian government is aware of how much students contribute to the expansion of the economy. Thus, it has spent about CAD 300 million on awards, grants, and scholarships to help the students. Get seamless, 100% compliant study abroad counselling and advice from “Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants” study abroad experts if you want to study in Canada.


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