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How can I study for free with a scholarship in the UK?

How can I study for free with a scholarship in the UK?

As you know the UK is considered one of the top developed countries which serves the best education system. Nowadays, Education In The Uk is expensive, making scholarships and other financial possibilities more sought-after. Because UK institutions want to entice the most bright overseas students, an increasing number of scholarships are being granted, even though financing for scholarships is exceedingly competitive.

The scholarships listed below are available to study in the UK. Some are provided by the UK government, some by outside organizations, and many are provided by specific UK universities. A dream come true would be to have free education in the UK. But regrettably, a good education costs money. It is not given away for free.

 You can, however, apply for scholarships to lighten your financial load. Learn Abroad College scholarships are a blessing for overseas students wishing to study in the UK. Despite the absence of tuition-free universities, the UK offers a large number of private and public scholarships to foreign students. Here is a list of available scholarships for UK students, all of which are completely supported.

How many Indian students get a free education in the UK?

1. Early application submission:

It is better if a student may apply early by submitting applications if they intend to follow a certain subject of their choosing. The candidates should submit their applications through the Universities and College Admissions Service Portal as soon as possible, ideally before the deadline, to qualify for free education in the UK for Indian students. Among all other paperwork, it may also be simpler to register for a student visa. The specifications and timeframes for graduate study would change based on the university. However, in most cases, these colleges will need to see your academic credentials, personal statement, and letter of recommendation.

2. Receive Financial Assistance in the UK:

The majority of colleges that provide free education in the UK to Indian students provide a range of study abroad scholarships, which may be the best approach for Indian students to receive a free education in the UK. The GREAT scholarship, Commonwealth scholarship, and Chevening scholarship are a few examples.

3. Submit your application to a low-cost institution or university:

Most UK institutions have high tuition costs, however, some good ones provide free education to Indian students or charge discounted rates.

Some of the Scholarships offered by the UK government :

  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarships Scheme at UK universities: International students pursuing taught master’s programs in the UK may be eligible for UK scholarships. The courses taken must have a clear connection to how technology, the economy, or society are developing in the student’s home country.
  • British Chevening  Scholarships: Scholarships supported by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and affiliated organizations are available to overseas students. The scholarships finance full-time graduate programs in any discipline entirely or in part.
  • Marshall Scholarships: Scholarships for postgraduate study in the UK for US students who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership potential, and ambassadorial potential. excludes some courses and MBAs.
  • Commonwealth Scholarships for developing Commonwealth countries: Scholarships for graduate and doctoral studies for non-US citizens from Commonwealth developing nations. There is a list of all nations that qualify.

Here are the Universities which offer Scholarships

  • Swansea University: UK institution that offers guaranteed scholarships to Indian students in Swansea University. The institution welcomes new academics and students because of its active student and staff community. One of the few places in the UK with a low cost of living is Swansea. Even more impressively, it was listed in the UK’s Top 10 Most Affordable University Towns ( and the UK’s Top 6 Safest Cities (Complete University Guide, 2020).
  • University of Exeter: The University of Exeter, in partnership with the British Council and the GREAT Britain Campaign, provides seven Indian students who apply for postgraduate taught programs in politics, law, education, sports and health sciences, geography, or renewable energy with guaranteed scholarships worth £10,000 (INR 10 lakhs).
  • Brunel University: One of the few UK colleges that provides guaranteed scholarships to Indian overseas students is Brunel University London, which is located in the capital city of the UK, London. Over 14,000 students attend the university, representing 150 different nations. The community that Brunel students are a part of is alive, active, and startlingly international, allowing them to interact with individuals from all over the world. For international students, Brunel University London offers a prestigious scholarship program. Only fully self-supporting students are eligible for the scholarship program, which is evaluated based on total academic achievement and professional experience.
  • Anglia Ruskin University: East Anglia’s Anglia Ruskin University has its earliest origins in Cambridge. William John Beaumont established the Cambridge School of Art in 1858, giving it that name at first. To assist international students who choose to pursue a degree overseas, Anglia Ruskin University has established several guaranteed scholarships and bursaries. These guaranteed scholarships are available to overseas students at this university:


Here you get many opportunities to get an education from the UK. You can consult Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants, Chandigarh for a study visa for the UK.


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