How immigrate to Canada From New Zealand-

In this article we will tell you How immigrate to Canada  From New Zealand Canada is the hub for international students these days. Students from all over the globe immigrate to Canada for higher studies and better opportunities. There are the best and affordable options for overseas education available in Canada. There are many benefits as to why one should consider studying in Canada. 

  • Education -hub all over the world. 
  • Affordable universities and colleges. 
  • World-wide accepted degrees. 
  • Easy Permanent Residency Options. 
  • Best health care facilities. 
  • Lowest crime rate. 
  • Economic Stability. 
  • Diverse Cultures. 

Since we know that Canada offers easy permanent residency options after a student completes his/her studies in Canada. Countries like Australia or New Zealand are very choosy when it comes to Permanent Residency. So, some students who face difficulty in getting permanent residency in New Zealand or Australia, move to Canada on a student visa or for a work permit to settle there. In this article, we are going to discuss a case study of one of our clients Simran Kour, who was herself an international student in New Zealand but is now moving to Canada on a study permit since she faced problems in obtaining permanent residency in New Zealand. 

immigrate from newzealand to canada

Simran Kour- Case study- How immigrate to Canada  From New Zealand 

Simran Kour went to New Zealand on a study Visa after completing her secondary education in India. After completion of  her studies in New Zealand, she applied for a work visa, got it issued and started working there. Though she worked for several years in New Zealand she was unable to achieve permanent residency. 

Being in New Zealand, Simran contacted and took guidance from -Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh, India. She discussed her complete case and also told me that she doesn’t want to move back to India and wants to settle Abroad. So the professionals of Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants studied her entire profile. They came up with the conclusion that she should shift to Canada on a study permit and afterward should apply for her permanent residency there. The process may be a bit longer but definitely worth the while. Now let’s discuss her process of applying for a Canadian study visa from New Zealand. 

The basic process remains the visa application remains the same as of a student who applies from India. The requirements are-

  • 6.5 bands in the IELTS exam with no band less than 6 in each module. 
  • 60-70% marks in academics. 
  • The student needs to pay the tuition fee for 2 semesters. 
  • The student needs to deposit GIC in an authorized Canadian Bank. 
  • The student must have a valid passport. 
  • The student must create a statement of purpose to visit Canada. 

All these are the requirements required to submit the Canada visa application in the SDS category. We applied for her Canada study visa on similar terms. After a few months when her visa was filed, she received her passport request and got her passport stamped with a Canadian student visa. 

In case any student faces problems receiving a permanent resident status in Australia or New Zealand, he or she may consider moving to Canada on a study or work basis for a better future and to settle abroad rather than moving back to India. 

Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants are the best Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh. We make your dreams come true whether to study or settle abroad. We deal in study visas for countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, the USA, Europe, South Korea, Singapore, etc. We also help interested clients to receive permanent residency status in countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Furthermore, we deal in tourist visas, family visas, and spouse visas. We are also the best IELTS institute in Chandigarh. For any kind of immigration service, we are your one-stop shop. 

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