Age Restrictions for the IELTS Exam: Are You Qualified to Take the Exam?

Age Restrictions for the IELTS Exam: Are You Qualified to Take the Exam?

The International Development Program (IDP) administers the IELTS test to determine if applicants are qualified to study or work in an English-speaking countries. Being recognized in more than 140 nations, it is well-liked by students eager to pursue an international education. The Economic Times estimates that 1.3 to 1.4 million Indians take the Ielts Exam each year.

  • IELTS exam age restrictions
  • Academic prerequisites
  • The IELTS format
  • Required minimums for eligibility

Age Limit for IELTS Exam

Anyone above the age of sixteen may take the IELTS exam, as was mentioned above. The testing organisations have not established a maximum age. Regarding the applicant’s background, country, and gender, there is no defined age limit.

IELTS Acceptance 2023

IELTS exam eligibility is unrelated to the requirements for admission to overseas universities. IDP, which administers the IELTS exam, states that there are no minimum requirements for eligibility.

In addition, anyone over sixteen who is of any gender, ethnicity, or nationality is qualified to take the IELTS exam. However, they have the option to administer a test. It is feasible if a foreign institution requires an IELTS score for applicants.

IELTS Educational Eligibility

There are no restrictions on schooling that might limit a person’s ability to take the IELTS test. To find out if you will be accepted, it is advised to check the educational requirements of reputable overseas schools or universities. You may find the eligibility requirements for each university on the official website of the one you want to attend.

Exam formats for the IELTS

The Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking parts make up the IELTS format. The entire test lasts two hours and forty-five minutes.

  • Reading: This segment lasts 30 minutes in total and consists of over 40 questions.
  • Listening: This session takes 30 minutes to complete and consists of 40 questions.
  • Speaking: This segment lasts between 11 and 14 minutes altogether, and candidates also participate in a face-to-face interview.
  • Writing: This segment lasts for 60 minutes. It has two questions that require applicants to compose a brief essay of at least 250 words. Additionally, candidates are given a table, picture, or data set that they must interpret in their own words.

The speaking test evaluates the candidates’ ability to communicate effectively in the nation where they are applying.

Minimum IELTS band required for admission to international universities

American IELTS Eligibility

University Name IELTS band scores
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 7
California Institute of Technology 7
Harvard University 7
Princeton University 7
Yale University 7

Canadian IELTS Eligibility

University Name IELTS band score
University of Toronto 6.5-7.0
University of Alberta 6.5
McGill University 6.5
University of British Columbia 6.5

UK Eligibility for IELTS

University Name IELTS Band Score
University College London 6.5
University of Edinburgh 6.5
University of Oxford 7-7.5
University of Cambridge 7
Imperial College London 7

Australia eligibility for IELTS

University Name IELTS Band Score
University of Melbourne 6.5 (with no section score less than 6.0)
University of Sydney 6.5 with no band below 6.0
University of New South Wales 6.5 with no band below 6.0
University of South Wales 6.0 with at least 5.5 in each band or equivalent
University of Queensland 6.5 with 6.0 in all sub-bands or equivalent

IELTS 12th Percentage Requirement:

IDP has not mandated a minimum 12th grade percentage for IELTS test participants. You are eligible to take the IELTS exam regardless of your grade point average in the 12th grade.

IELTS 2023’s New Rule

A candidate must retake the IELTS test if they do not achieve the required bands in any of the modules. Candidates were consequently losing motivation in their pursuit of a worldwide education.

IDP’s most recent update states that IELTS has added a “One Skill Retake” clause. Accordingly, candidates have been given the option to retake one module in which they received a lower mark.

Candidates now have the option to merely take the appropriate module examination, rather than taking the complete exam again. This IELTS provision is valid beginning in March 2023. 

Beginning in March 2023, Indian students with poor IELTS scores who are studying for an MBBS abroad may also make use of this option. For students who have already passed the other modules, this saves time and effort.


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