IELTS is an English Language proficiency exam. It is one of the most accessible English language tests. For the past 25+ years, it has been the most obvious choice for individuals who want to immigrate to other countries. Over ten thousand organizations accept IELTS expertise.


  • STUDY ABROAD- students who want to pursue their higher education from abroad need to appear for an English proficiency exam. IELTS is chosen by most of the students.
  • IMMIGRATION PURPOSE- in case you want to immigrate to an English speaking country, it is necessary to appear for the IELTS exam.

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Receptive skills are judged by – LISTENING & READING modules.

Creative skills are evaluated by- WRITING & SPEAKING modules.

  • Listening – The listening module has a duration of 30 minutes and is divided into 4 sections. These 4 sections include 40 questions, all of which test your ability to listen and perceive the conversations, speeches, or monologues. This includes the following:

You’ll be evaluated on your ability to understand the ideas and the detailed information, the views and accent of speakers, their purpose, and your ability to follow the instructions.

  • Reading– The Reading module has 40 questions, formatted to test reading skills. These include reading for gist, reading for main ideas, understanding the argument, and recognizing opinions of the writers, The testing questions are different in Academic and General Training.
    • IELTS Academic test – This consists of 3 long texts. These may be illustrative, authentic, lengthy,  and are noted down from academic journals, books, magazines, and newspapers appropriate for people joining university courses.
    • IELTS General Training test – This module contains reading passages that deal with daily life scenarios, mostly taken from books, magazines, newspapers, etc. This judgment is based on situations you are likely to face in an English-speaking country.
  • Writing– The writing module is of 60 minutes and has 2 tasks. This may include personal views and understanding a situation, formal or informal.

           Academic Test

Task 1 –In this, a graph, table, chart, or diagram will be drawn in the question paper and you will be asked to describe it in your own words with suitable comparisons. The questions may vary from explaining data to outlining the process of how something works or describing an object or an event.

Task 2 – This will include writing an essay which may be argumentative, descriptive, suggestive, etc.

 General Training

Task 1 – you will be asked to write a letter requesting information, or explaining the given circumstance. This may be informal, semi-formal, or formal.

Task 2 – This will include writing an essay in reaction to a view, issue, argument, or problem.

Speaking– The duration of the speaking module is 11-14 minutes consisting of 3 rounds. This is the only test which is a face to face interaction or on a Skype call with the examiner. All responses are recorded in the speaking test.

Part 1 – This is the introduction round. The examiner will ask you questions about yourself, your family, your hometown, hobbies, education, etc.

Part 2 – You will be given a cue card and you have to speak about a particular topic. You will have one minute to prepare before speaking for up to 2 minutes.

Part 3 – You will be asked follow-up questions about the topic in Part 2. This will mostly be about discussing more ideas and your point of view. This part of the test lasts between 4-5 minutes.


The IELTS exam has two co-owners under whom the testing is done

  • IDP

 IELTS Modules

  • General Training – This test is attributed to the regular use of language and is mostly required in cases of immigration.
  • Academic – This test is taken by students who are willing to study abroad or professionals who are looking for work opportunities in foreign countries.


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