A lot of students who appear for the IELTS exam, find the IELTS- speaking section pretty difficult and challenging because it requires face to face interaction of the student and the examiner. But in reality, it is the easiest section if a student practices hard and with full dedication. In this article you know about the some easy IELTS speaking tips and tricks to score 7+ bands.

The speaking section is an impulsive and spontaneous module. It is more like an interview where an examiner checks the English speaking fluency of the student. The main thing that the students stress is that they do not have much time to prepare for the answer. But, the examiners are well aware of this fact, and they do not expect you to speak like a professional but they just check-
Fluency and correct usage of words.

Grammatical errors if any.

In this article, we will learn about the tips and tricks suggested by the trainers of Best IELTS coaching center in Chandigarh, Sunland-Chandigarh. which are very useful in the IELTS speaking test. You can follow these tips and advice to shoot up your bands. Because To go abroad the first or basic step is the completion of ielts or to get maximum band in each module of ielts. For study visa ielts is the first step for For applying study visa abroad.

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Speak fluently and freely-

It is more important to speak fluently than to use extraordinary vocabulary instantly. Once you are a bit comfortable then you will automatically use good words in front of the examiner. You should be able to bridge your speaking speed and correct usage of words in the sentence. If you speak too quickly there may be chances of committing mistakes. We also give English Speaking Classes in Sunland institute which is the best institute for spoken english course. Your Fluency can increase by our simple or easy Ielts Speaking tips and tricks.

Practice sample paper and practice tests-

The examiner will generally ask you about yourself, your family, hometown, and your daily habits in the introduction round. In the cue card round- the examiner gives you a topic that is more or less easy and gives you a minute to prepare for it. In the third round, the examiner asks questions related to whatever you spoke in the cue card round. You can access study material online and practice the mock tests. Moreover, if you join IELTS coaching at Sunland institute- Chandigarh, the best coaching centre for IELTS, we will provide you with endless practice material which is up-to-date according to the recent syllabus.

Politely ask the examiner to repeat the question if it is not clear to you-

In case you do not understand or misheard a question, you can ask the examiner to repeat it without any hesitation. You can use the words like, ‘pardon’ or ‘please repeat’.

Try to express your feelings through your communication-

You need to portray your feelings and views about whatever is being asked in the question. The main thing which works here is the tone of your speech. So be careful with tone and voice modulation.

Do not give short or rude replies-

Try to use sentences that are correctly built. Do not give answers for one or two words because they seem rude. In the cue-card round try to keep speaking until the examiner himself stops you. We will teach you how to build coherent sentences if you take IELTS coaching In Chandigarh from Sunland institute.

Be logical-

Try to use sentence connectors at the beginning, middle, and the end. It makes the sentence rich and long too. Linking words will not only enrich your speech but also will set a good impression on the examiner.

Do not panic around if you make a mistake-

In case you make a mistake, do not panic, just try to correct it smoothly by using an apologetic word like sorry. You won’t lose marks like this.

First impression on the examiner-

Dress smartly on the day of the exam. Always keep a smile on your face and greet the examiner before starting with your exam. The first impression always goes a long way and will leave a positive impact on the examiner. Our trainers at Sunland Coaching Centre- Chandigarh train you completely to be prepared for the final day of the exam. This makes us the Best IELTS coaching centre in Chandigarh.

Do not cram the answers-

The examiner is an experienced individual. He/she will easily make out if you have memorized the answer before. You can memorize the good vocabulary words.

Be confident-

Have full faith in your preparation and speak confidently in front of the examiner. If you panic more, there are chances that you may commit mistakes.

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