How to Move CANADA : Quick Guide For 2019

Planning to Move; CANADA!


If you are planning to move from India, Canada should be your first priority. Not because of the scenic beauty or amiable locality but because of their laws and friendly policies. Canada, apart from being a beautiful country, is one of the topmost locations in the world to settle into, it is solely considered as the land of opportunity for a better life, employment and individual growth.


What are the benefits to move to Canada!


Canada is among the top ten countries in the world to live in. Why? It is because of their high standards of living, good & free school education, low mortality rate, and excellent health care system.

Furthermore, the crime rate is extremely low compared to other developing nations. By holding the PR status on Canadian soil, you are entitled to all these benefits starting from day 1.


Moreover, a person residing continuously in Canada is also eligible to apply for Permanent Residency after completing a tenure of 3 years. Because of their lenient policies, there are many means to get on Canadian ground; such as


  1. Express Entry: Simple for skilled workers to immigrate on the basis of their experienced skills.
  2. Quebec Skilled Worker Program: Same as a skilled worker but only for Quebec province. The program has its major inclination towards people providing services in the tertiary sector.
  3. On Study Basis: Start studying across the nation with well-reputed institutes for certain programs, that can last for a minimum of 6 months to 3 years with an extended year or so for working inside the country. Hence, after 3 years one can apply for PR as well.
  4. Provincial Nomination Program: A prime immigration plan for professionals and students across countries. Through this, qualified persons have the liberty to get unparalleled opportunities for becoming part of one of the world’s most developed economies.
  5. Family Sponsorship: Do you have someone already living in Canada as a PR, get sponsored by them for easier process or if you are living in Canada, you can call your spouse, family, grandparents, relatives or other to come over.


Looking for a Reason to Move?

If all above-stated reasons are not enough for satisfying your query to move to Canada, then there are some more to give a view;

  1. The Canadian government is looking to invite 1,82,000 skilled labor force for the coming year.
  2. One of the most beautiful Infrastructure.
  3. Growth opportunities for almost every profession.


How to check if you are eligible for moving to Canada?

Now, as per your interest if you want to know, what is the eligibility criteria for moving to Canada, by matching the following standards one is judged on the pattern of points scored,

  • Age– Applicant must be a minimum of 18 years (24 to 35 years of age gets maximum points for eligibility).
  • Education– Higher educational, higher is the point allocation to the applicant. Your qualifications must be from a recognized university.
  • Language proficiency– This is tested through IELTS and CLB examination. A person requires a minimum of 6 bands throughout the exam for applying. 6 is the lowest mark for education and an addon 7 band for skill visa. The categories for qualifying are Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
  • Work Experience– Skilled workers or professionals have specific categories in which as per their demand in any province are given much attention and priority than others.
  • Known– If there is anyone of your known residing in Canada, then the applicant gets an additional advantage.


How SUNLAND Education & Immigration can help you?

It is not difficult for any qualified person to apply by oneself by reading and learning the process, but when even a single step of the process is changed, your profile can get rejected.

This means one single mistake can break your chances to move out of the country for high life benefits in Canada.

Here, we at Sunland Education & Immigration comes to rescue. Our professional consultants and experts will help you to finalize each and every bit of process that will surely get finalized.

We will help you to find the best way of getting onboard the Canadian Ship and to evaluate these options wisely. Counseling without any charges until you make your final decision.

Have a query? Share with us, we ensure you to give our best to fulfill your dreams to reach the destination of your choice.





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