Italy Spouse Visa

Italy Spouse Visa

In order to move permanently to Italy, a person can apply for Spouse visa if the person’s partner is a citizen of Italy. They should have been together in a long term committed relationship. Applying for a spouse visa will also give a lot of benefits to the person applying for it.

Who can apply for it?

To bring a spouse to Italy, a person can apply for Family reunion visa. Any non-European resident in Italy who has a work visa for a minimum of 1 year, self-employment visastudent visa or is a permanent resident can apply to bring their non-European spouse to Italy.

  • You must be registered as a resident in Italy
  • You’ve to meet the financial criteria
  • You’ve to meet the accommodation criteria


To bring a spouse on the Italy family visa, you must earn above the annual social allowance in Italy, which is €5,983.64 as of 2021.

Also, to bring your spouse to Italy, you must earn 0.5 times more than the annual social allowance or €2,991.82.

Accommodation criteria:

For a successful Italy family visa application, you need to obtain a housing suitability certificate (certificato di idoneità alloggiativa) that confirms that the house meets the hygiene and size requirements.


1. Preparation of the necessary documentation;
2. Application for the security clearance (so-called ‘nulla osta’) at the competent Police headquarter;
3. Application for the Visa for family reunification at the competent Italian Consulate abroad;
4. Entry in Italy and application, within 8 days, for the residence permit as a family member.
5. Registration of spouse’s fingerprints at the Police headquarter and submission of the original documentation;
6. Issuance of the residence permit.

For the Nulla Osta, provide the following documents and their translated and notarised copies:

  • Italian residence permit and an ID/ passport
  • Proof of family relationship, e.g. birth certificate or marriage certificate
  • Proof of sufficient income
  • Proof of suitable accommodation in Italy
  • Proof of health insurance if the family member is 65+ years
  • Financial information to show your family member’s dependence on you


For the visa application the family member needs to submit:

  • Visa application form
  • A valid passport
  • Nulla Osta
  • Passport photos
  • Receipt of visa fee
  • Proof of your family member’s relationship with you
  • Flight itinerary
  • Criminal history report


The application processing time for the Italy family reunification visa is approximately 3 weeks to 6 months.


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