It has been ages since international students have been heading to the “Big Five” for their future studies. However things have slowly but surely started to change in this field. One country that is rapidly making inroads in this field is the Land of Blue Lakes, Republic of Latvia.  Located in North Eastern Europe it is stunningly beautiful and is home to about 2 million people and is part of the European Union. It is a country covered in woodland, winding rivers and placid lakes which are within an area of about 65,000 square Kms.

Latvia has six state universities and 58 higher education institutions. In the yore the Latvian education system was influenced by the Soviet education system. However since it became a part of the European Union it has departed from the Soviet model and has embraced the European school of thought. As Latvia is both in the EU and part of the Bologna Process (a mechanism promoting intergovernmental cooperation between 48 European countries in the field of higher education) you can take part of the Erasmus program. This allows those at any school in any participating country to take a semester or a year abroad. The Latvian education system is split into three cycles:-

– First Cycle – Undergraduate degrees that take three to four years to complete.

– Second Cycle – Post graduate degrees that take one to three year to complete.

– Third Cycle – PhD studies that take at least three year to complete.

Latvia is part of the border control free Schengen Area. Any member of Schengen area can issue a visa for the area but will have to enter through the country that issued the visa. Requirements for a Latvian visa vary depending upon your nationality and the type of visa you are applying for however the broad requirements are :-

–    A completed application.

–   Passport and two passport size photos.

–   Health insurance with minimum coverage of Euro 30,000.

–  A letter outlining why you want to enter Latvia.

–  Flight Confirmation.

–  Proof of sufficient funds (@ not le than $16.50 per day).

–  Proof of enrolment from your education provider.

You will need to apply in person at the nearest Latvian embassy or consulate and present the documents in Latvian with a notarized translation. The student visa is valid for the entire duration of the studies. As a student you can work for twenty hours per week during term time and forty hours per week during holidays.

Latvia is one of the more low cost countries in the Eurozone. This means that you can live well on less than most other Eurozone countries. In Latvia rent is counted as a cost separate from the living expenses. This means that the average living cost for one person I roughly $725 per month. International student whose first languages are Global languages like English, French and Spanish can find side work as tutors.

It is just a matter of little time when a big chunk of international students will be opting not for the “Big Five” but for the “ Land of Blue Lakes” The Republic of Latvia. Avail this opportunity NOW through SUNLAND EDUCATION AND IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS, before Latvia becomes too crowded and difficult to afford.  Go for it. NOW.

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