Cost Of Living For An Indian Family In Australia In 2023

Cost Of Living For An Indian Family In Australia In 2023

Family Living In Australia can be a wonderful experience. The total cost of living in Australia for Indian families must be known if you intend to relocate there. Several variables, including the city you choose to live in, your lifestyle preferences, and more, will affect your monthly expenses in Australia. Let’s examine the total cost of living for an Indian family in Australia.

Australian Monthly Cost of Living

For Indian students or families, the cost of living in Australia is a little on the higher side. Your costs will vary based on a number of variables, such as:

  • Transportation,
  • groceries, 
  • housing rent, 
  •  utilities
  • health protection

In Australia, a family’s monthly living expenses typically fall between AUD 2500 and AUD 3000. Following Sydney in terms of cost of living in Australia are Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra.

Australian average rent

The type and area of the accommodations will depend on where you decide to live. For instance, the price of housing will vary depending on whether you choose to live off campus or on campus if you are a student pursuing higher education in Australia. Monthly rent makes up a sizable portion of an international student’s typical living costs in Australia.

Accommodation type

Rent (monthly)


AUS 1000 to AUD 450

A residence hall

AUD 450 to AUD 1000


AUD 750 to AUD 1500

With a median rent of about $3,120 per month, Canberra is the most pricey state capital in the nation to rent a home. The average monthly rent in Sydney is about $2,817. With a median monthly rent of about $2,037, Melbourne is the least expensive state capital to rent a home in Australia.

Australian university tuition fees

The tuition costs will vary depending on the university, location, and programme you select, whether you are a native Australian or an international student living there. For international students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, the annual tuition fee averages between AUD 20,000 and AUD 45,000. The typical annual tuition for a master’s degree ranges from AUD 20,000 to AUD 50,000. In Australia, a sizable portion of a student’s living expenses goes towards tuition.

Education costs in Australia can be quite high, particularly for foreign students. You can expect to pay less or have the entire education sponsored if you apply for scholarships, which could result in significant financial savings for you. Depending on the college or university you select, the overall city-wide university tuition costs will change.


Average UG fee 

(Annually in AUD)

Average PG Fee 

(Annually in AUD)

Melbourne University

$25,000 to $94,000

Around $50,000

University of Victoria

$20,000 to $25,000

$21,400 to $27,000

New England University

$19,000 to $25,000

$21,000 to $26,000

University of Western Sydney

$22,000 to $30,000

Around $30,000

Australia’s cost of transportation

You should be aware of Australia’s transportation costs whether you are a family or a student.

Type of Transportation

Costs (AUD)

one-way ticket for local transportation

$3 to $6

Taxi fares




1 km of taxi service


A monthly pass

$100 to $200

Here are some crucial details regarding the average cost of public transportation in various Australian cities:

  1. Canberra: The MyWay Card offers discounts. Some passengers may occasionally qualify for free transportation. A single trip with a MyWay Adult Card will set you back AUD 3.14.
  2. Sydney: The Opal Card entitles you to discounts. The card is accepted on light rail, ferries, buses, and trains. Depending on the mode of transportation, the Adult Opal Card can cost anywhere between AUD 3.5 and AUD 7.
  3. Melbourne: Passengers using the SmartRider card can ask the bus driver if they qualify for a transportation discount. Depending on the rider, the cost of the card ranges from AUD 2 to AUD 11. You should anticipate some accommodations as a student.

Australia’s average utility costs

Type of Cost

Cost (AUD)



Basic services like trash, heating, cooling, and water


Here is a comparison of utility prices in various Australian cities:

Cost of Monthly Utilities for 2 People











Average Cost of Living for a Family in Australia

The first few days can be challenging for a family that has recently immigrated to Australia from India, especially in terms of money. The monthly average cost of living for a four-person Indian family in Australia can range from AUD 2800 to AUD 3000.






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