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A MARA agent is a Registered Migration Agent who is qualified and certified to help an applicant in the visa process and they deal with the Department Of Home Affairs and other such organizations. Such agents also help you with legal advice and assistance which are related to your case. Applying to migrate to Australia can be a complex process, but with the help of the best MARA agent in India, it can be made easier.

The Department of Home Affairs strictly advice that in case any support is needed for the Australia migration process, then you must select an agent who is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) or best Mara agents in India. An agent who is not registered with MARA is not authorized to give any sort of legal advice and there are always chances of running into migration frauds.

The Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) is an authority that takes care of the code of conduct of the registered agents in the migration industry. The MARA also allows its agents to work outside Australia to maintain the industry.


Mrs. Anisha Gupta is a registered MARA agents in India – RMA-AUS (MARN NO. 0954994). She is the authorized person to provide all professional Australian migration services. Mrs. Anisha is also registered with the migration institute Australia, (MIA).

Mara agents In India

Mrs. Anisha understands Australian migration cases extremely well, being an Australian citizen herself. She is the best MARA agent in India, carrying a great experience to successfully help clients migrate to Australia. You can check the certification related registered mara agent.

SUNLAND EDUCATION & IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS (SEIC) team comprise of highly Qualified Staff. Our PR Panel Expert Mrs. Anisha Gupta, an Australian Citizen is a Qualified Registered Migration Agent. She gained her degree in Graduate Certificate in Migration Law or as a Registered Migration Agent from AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (ANU, AUSTRALIA). She has been a member of MARA since 2009 with MARN License No. 0954994. She has a very vast experience of Immigration Matters. She specializes in Study Visa, Permanent Residency, Partner Visa applications. In Addition to that, she is a Certified Qualified Education Agent Counselor from PIER with License No G122, United States Trained Agent from ICEF USATC (Regd No USCG00018), Licensed Immigration Adviser (License No 200902725), ENZ TRAINED AGENT (NZ) and a Certified member of Uniagent. Therefore, she is also a frequent Television Presenter on different Immigration shows.


  • We are certified and registered agents. We are listed with MARA, MIA, and QEAC. You can read more about these registration authorities on
  • We are the specialist in handling services related to Australian migration law, migration ordinance, and immigration
  • management.
  • We have fortunately helped thousands of candidates to settle in Australia, by handling their permanent residency cases.
  • We offer many more services in your permanent residency case that is pre-departure service, giving knowledge about life in Australia.
  • Most of our clients come through word of mouth and that is our greatest achievement as we believe in customer satisfaction.
  • We provide free consultancy and points evaluation for your permanent residency process.


This visa permits you to work and reside in Australia as a permanent resident. For a skilled independent visa, the candidate needs to submit an expression of interest with the required records and formalities.

Our company will help you to appeal for your permanent residency file with maximum efficiency.


Stay in Australia for a lifetime.

Apply for Australian citizenship after a specific amount of time.

Sponsor eligible relatives.

Enroll in Australia’s health care facility.


  • The candidate must receive an offer to apply for the visa.
  • The occupation you are in must be on the skilled occupation list.
  • Your points should meet the eligible points score.
  • Your age must be under 45.
  • You need to appear for the IELTS exam and score according to the eligibility criteria.

Mrs. Anisha is a leading MARA agent in India. Her portfolio consists of thousands of successful cases for permanent residency. Being an Australian citizen herself, she very well understands the applicant’s profile and applies the file most accurately.



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