New Zealand Recovery Visa

New Zealand Recovery Visa

Numerous communities and businesses in the North Island have been completely destroyed by Cyclone Gabrielle  , earthquake and other severe weather events .In order to speed up the entry of qualified employees who can aid in the nation’s recovery from assistance in a range of capacities, including emergency response, cleanup, risk assessment, infrastructure and housing stablisation and repair, and direct recovery support previous weather-related disasters, the New Zealand government has developed the New Zealand recovery visa. The New Zealand recovery visa  is designed to make it possible for foreign experts to enter the nation right away and offer.

Roles in New Zealand recovery visa

The visa is intended for foreign employees travelling to NZ for a brief period (up to six months) in order to perform work that aids in the North Island’s recovery from the catastrophic weather events that occurred in January and February of 2023.

This assistance may consist of:emergency reaction, urgent cleanup, risk or loss assessment, stabilisation and/or restoration of buildings and houses (including planning functions), and activity that directly supports the recovery (e.g., production of pertinent materials for road reconstruction, transport drivers, etc.).

Employers must complete a Recovery Visa Employer Supplementary Form (INZ 1377) to certify that the position supports the North Island’s recovery from extreme weather disasters. The filled-out form must be submitted with the application by the immigrant.

This visa is not available to firms that provide indirect support (such as those in affected areas that are experiencing an increase in demand for services) or to fill positions left open by employees who left their jobs to work on the recovery.

Through other visas, such as the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV), these employers will have access to labour. To assist quicker processing for roles that have been recognised as supporting the recovery and rebuild, changes to the AEWV are being examined. The labour market test won’t apply to these jobs.

Recognising that certain direct support industries will be headquartered on the South Island, the Recovery Visa is not solely applicable to jobs in the North Island. Accreditation for employers is not required.

How you can apply for New Zealand Recovery Visa?

Applicants for a visa for specific purposes of employment complete the form.

Those who apply online must:

  • Choose “Specific Purpose or Event” as the category for the type of work visa you’re requesting.
  • When asked what specific event or purpose they are travelling to NZ for, choose “Recovery Visa”.
  • ‘6 months or less’ should be chosen as the duration of stay in New Zealand.
  • In the “Upload Documents” section, add the Employer Supplementary Form (INZ 1377) as the “Evidence required for your Special Purpose or Event work visa.”

Eligibilty for New Zealand Recovery visa

  • Highlights: For skilled workers, the NZ government offered the “Recovery Visa.”
  • Successful candidates will not need to pay for a recovery visa.
  • The Recovery Visa applications will be processed within seven days.
  • The immigration of skilled workers into New Zealand should be sped up.
  • Recovery Visa wants to send professionals who can assist with risk analysis, emergency response, etc.
  • In response to recent weather-related calamities, the Recovery Visa was created.

Benefits of New Zealand Recovery Visa

  • The New Zealand Recovery Visa is a short-term visa that enables visitors to New following are a few advantages of the visa:
  • Legal Status: The visa enables travellers to stay in New Zealand lawfully while they make travel arrangements or while they apply for a different visa to stay in the country.
  • Work and study: As long as they comply with the necessary standards, those who have a New Zealand Recovery Visa are able to work or enrol in school there for the duration of their stay.
  • Health: New Zealand Recovery Visa holders have access to the country’s publicly financed healthcare system.


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