Because The Oxford Academy Takes You To The Milestone Along

The Oxford Academy is the unit of the SUNLAND EDUCATION AND IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS,CHANDIGARH.  The SUNLAND EDUCATION AND IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS,CHANDIGARH provides assistance in the immigration of the students and all the other clients and the Oxford academy is the path along to reach there.

Oxford Academy

The has the topmost qualified and experienced faculty which provides guidance to the students in order to enhance their English ability according to the countries they are preparing for settling down or studying. The Oxford academy has a trend set of the smooth positive results till the  date. A number of students have passed out the various tests of IELTS & PTE with more than 6 bands.  8+ bands is the recent achievement of our student.

IELTS or PTE exam is mandatory to be cleared for going abroad.

About The Courses:

  • IELTS- It is one of the major English language tests in the world. Under this, it covers the academic version and the general training version.

The academic version is for those test takers who want to study at the tertiary level in the foreign countries where English language is the prerequisite to be spoken.

The general training version is for those test takers who want to work train and study at the secondary schools and wants to migrate to the English speaking countries.

  • PTE- Pearson test of English. Assesses and validates the English language of the usage 0f the non native speakers.
  • Spoken English- this course helps the students to enhance their English language usage either it be writing or reading or speaking. There is no age limit to the course. Anyone can join the course at anytime. It enhances the personality of the person.

At the Oxford Academy rich training is provided to each student on one to one basis. Our students are our fictitious assets for the future.

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(Marketing Director)

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