Pearson Test of English accepted for New Zealand immigration

Pearson Test of English Academic:

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic), a leading online language proficiency test, will be an approved proof of English language proficiency for all visa categories with an English language requirement from Monday 21 November this year, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) announced today.

This means for the first time all visa applicants to New Zealand will have a choice of Government-approved English language testing options. Pearson Test of English Academic is already accepted by 100 per cent of New Zealand universities and widely used by student visa applicants.

Pearson Test

Vinne Schifferste in, Director Language Testing for Pearson, said: “Pearson is proud to achieve INZ recognition.


“Pearson Test of English Academic is a secure English language test that enables test-takers to access their scores quickly.


“We are also approved by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection for all visa tiers, so the New Zealand Government’s approval further consolidates PTE Academic as the fast growing secure test for visa applications.”


David Barnett, Managing Director of Pearson Australia and New Zealand said: “For many years applicants from non-English speaking countries, such as India, China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore were limited in their choice of tests to prove their English language proficiency.


“While our test is academically challenging it is based on the real life English migrants need. The test provides a seamless user experience, from booking, testing, through to receiving results making the process less stressful for applicants and organizations processing a test taker’s application.


“Pearson looks forward to assisting the New Zealand government with recruiting skilled migrants to their workforce.


“The computer-based test uses cutting edge technology to ensure score reliability, and integrity of the testing process. It also offers the fastest score reporting in the market, with test takers receiving their results typically within five business days.”

10 Top Reasons to Migrate To Australia

Australia Immigration is very popular among skilled professionals all around the globe. There are diverse reasons for moving to Australia, but common to all is the idea of a better work/life balance, including better weather and an outdoors orientated lifestyle.  So why migrate to Australia? Immigration Help has compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why you should consider a new life in this vibrant country.


  1. One of the strongest economy in the world offering excellent job opportunities
  2. Excellent quality of life
  3. Roughly 1, 85,000 visas are available for migration.
  4. Politically stable country
  5. Premium standard of living.
  6. Fast Migration process ( 8 to 12 months in total usually)
  7. Almost free education for kids up to secondary level
  8. Free medical facility
  9. Child care benefits if eligible
  10. Visa free travel to many countries (UK, USA, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, France etc.) once you are Australian citizen

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