SCORING IN PTE (For Speaking and Writing)

Sorting out for the correct English proficiency test is a censorious step for applying to migrate to a foreign land.PTE Coaching  PTE or the Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic) is a computer-based English language examination that is accepted at various universities, colleges, and governments, globally. PTE is considered the fastest, fairest, and most reliable way of proving language proficiency for work, study, and migration to other countries.

Pearson Test of English is a 3 hours examination that contains 4 different sections, like Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. All these sections collectively have 20 different task types. All these sections are interrelated to each other in terms of scoring. These interrelations of scores for the Speaking and Writing section are discussed below table:



SPEAKING READ ALOUD The task type evaluates your two skills, reading, as you have to read the given passage and the speaking because your response for the respective prompt will be verbal. So it will contribute scores to the Speaking section and Reading section.
REPEAT SENTENCES The task type takes into consideration the two skills; listening and speaking. As you have to utter the same audio in your response which you had heard in the first place. This is why it will help you to score for the Listening section and Speaking section.
DESCRIBE IMAGE As the name suggests that, you have to elaborate on a given image on the screen. This task type does not contribute to any other section. Scores obtained in this will remain in the Speaking section.
RE-TELL LECTURE The task type contributes towards the Listening and Speaking section. As you will be using your listening and speaking skills to complete the task type.
ANSWER SHORT QUESTIONS In this task type, you have to give a response to the audio prompt. So this task type demands a higher level of listening skills, and your responsibility for the prompt will be in verbal form, so it will help you to attain scores for the Speaking and Listening section.
WRITING SUMMARIZE WRITTEN TEXT This task type helps you to score for two different sections; the Writing and Reading sections. A passage will appear on the screen, you have to read the passage and have to draft a summary. So this task type evaluates your reading and writing skills and will help you to boost your scores for the respective sections too.
WRITE AN ESSAY This task type does not contribute to any other section, so whatever scores you earn for this task type, will remain in the Writing section.


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