Pearson Test of English

PTE or Pearson Test of English is an analog-based English language examination for pupils from non-native nations. The duration of the examination is 03 hours, based on the English language that is spoken regularly. PTE has 04 sections, namely; Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening.

The first section is “Speaking”. To know more about this section, click………..

Pearson test of English

Speaking is followed by the Writing section. The writing module has cottoned to two different task types. These are, summarize written text, and write an essay.



Summarize written text is generally termed report writing or summary writing. In this task- type, a passage will appear on the screen and the word limit of the passage will not exceed 300 words. The aspirant has to read the given passage in order to draft a summary. There will be 2 different passages, and the candidate is allotted 10 minutes each to complete the task. To write a summary for the given passage there are certain conditions:

  • WORD LIMIT: The candidate should write a summary 0f 05-75 words. If the condition for the word limit is not fulfilled by the candidate, he/she will lose scores. Ideally one must write a summary of 30-35 words. But if a candidate is good with his vocabulary and writing skills, he/she can opt for any number of words from 05-75 words.


  • ONE LONG SENTENCE: Writing one long sentence as a summary for the passage means that you should use full stop only once in the sentence. Candidates are always advised to use appropriate connectors to club two sentences, in order to meet the condition.

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This task type involves drafting 1-2 essays. A general question will appear on the screen, to which the candidate has to write an essay, with a specific word limit. A descriptive essay should be well structured, cohesive, and must not lack coherence. The time allotted to finish an essay in 20 minutes. The candidate’s screen will stop responding after 20 minutes. Whatever response the candidate had given will be taken into consideration, regardless of being complete or incomplete. There are few conditions, that candidates have to keep in mind while drafting a well-structured essay. These areas follow:


  • WORD LIMIT: The word limit to write an essay is 200-300. Candidates are advised not to write less than 200 words, neither should they exceed the word count. A word counter will be given on the screen, either on the top or in the bottom of the screen.


  • FORMAT (04 PARAGRAPHS): The format of an essay contains 4 paragraphs, i:e Introduction, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2, and a conclusion.

The evaluation criteria for the writing section is done on the basis of

  1. Grammar
  2. Spellings
  3. Lexical Resources (Vocabulary)
  4. Written Discourse (Cohesion & coherence)


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