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 PTE “Speaking”

Pearson Test of English, commonly known as “PTE”, is a computer-based examination, conducted by Pearson in the authorized examination centers worldwide. PTE has a very straightforward yet vast curriculum. It is a blend of four (04) sections, namely: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. These mentioned four sections’ future is an amalgamation of twenty (20) different task types. The duration of the exam is approximately three (03) hours. Sunland Education being one of the Best PTE Institute In Chandigarh, is indulged in coaching and training the aspirants, so that the aspirants could thrive in their dreams of migrating to a foreign land. The best PTE coaching schedule in Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants incorporates the sequential preparation of task types. It starts with the very first section, i;e Speaking.

PTE Speaking

The speaking section of PTE consists of five (05) different task types. 


You need to read aloud the given text on the screen. There will be 6-7 texts.


After listening to the given sentence by the system, you need to repeat the sentence promptly. There will be 10-12 audios.


You need to describe the given image on the screen. It will have 6-7 images.


You need to retain what the lecture was about and have to present a summary for the same. You will have 3-4 lectures.


You need to answer the given question in just one word or a few. There will be 10-12 question audios for the same.

The entire Speaking section is 30-35 minutes and is automatically timed. The evaluation criteria of this section depend on 03 dimensions; content, oral fluency, and pronunciation. To know more about the PTE curriculum, stay tuned with Sunland Education and Immigration Consultants. 


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