Slovenia tourist visa

Slovenia tourist visa

Slovenia is only now beginning to gain recognition as a top tourism destination. This tiny nation on the Alps’ sunny side is incredibly diversified and has plenty to offer everyone. Friendly people, stunning scenery, delectable cuisine, and a long history and culture can all be found in Slovenia. It is a fantastic location for a little day trip or a relaxed week-long vacation .Slovenia is the perfect destination to enjoy and collect beautiful memories so , without a doubt you can apply for slovenia tourist visa.

Why you should apply for Slovenia tourist visa?

1. A diverse and lovely environment

Slovenia’s limited area has a very diverse range of natural landscapes. There are many mountains and hills throughout the nation that are excellent for hikers of all skill levels. Skiing is enjoyable in the winter on the mountains covered in snow.

2. Persons

Slovenians strive to treat their visitors like kings since they are kind and polite people. Slovenians are eager to share their traditional cuisine, way of life, landmarks, and scenic delights with tourists. They like delicious cuisine nearly as much as socialising at coffee shops.

3. Amazing sports activities

Slovenia is a fantastic vacation spot for thrill seekers. The world’s steepest zipline, located near Planica, creates the sensation of a ski jump. A gorgeous location to bungee jump is on Bridge Solkan, the longest railroad bridge made of stone blocks. On the pristine river, water sports enthusiasts can raft or kayak. Soča

4. History

The history of the Slovenian people is extensive. Slovenes were a member of several empires, kingdoms, and nations prior to their independence in 1991. Visitors may let their imaginations run wild when seeing mediaeval castles. A hidden partisan hospital from World War II named Hospital Franja shows the incredible bravery of those who fought in the conflict.

5. Caves

Slovenia has a lengthy history of cave exploring. There are hundreds of secret caverns in the nation’s subterranean, 22 of which are accessible to the general public. Beautiful and distinctive karst formations that have been developing for millions of years may be seen in every one of the caves. The most frequented cave is Postojna Cave, which receives more than 600,000 people annually. Along with its stunning formations, this cave is well-known for being the olm’s habitat.

6. Food & Cuisine

 Food plays a significant role in every culture, and Slovenia is no exception. Bogra, a sort of stew, is exclusive to one of the 12 regions that make up Slovenia, whereas other traditional cuisines, such kranjska klobasa (a type of sausage), are enjoyed throughout the whole nation. Slovenians, who are renowned for their hospitality, always enjoy preparing traditional dishes for their guests.

7. Forests

Slovenia is mostly covered in trees. This gives tourists the impression that woodlands are always surrounding them. There is no place like Slovenia’s forests for hiking in terms of breathtaking scenery. Hikers may unwind and reenergize by taking a stroll amid the woods. Rajhenavski woodland is the oldest Slovenian woodland.

8. Coastal

The coastline of Slovenia is diverse, much like the rest of the nation. Everyone can find something to enjoy along the shore, including gorgeous beaches. Piran is a necessity for those with passionate hearts. The architecture, artwork, quaint cafés, and eateries in this historic area enchant tourists. Visitors can try their luck at casinos in the adjacent town of Porotor.

What Paperwork Is Necessary to Apply for a Slovenian Schengen Visa?

As evidence that you meet Slovenia’s requirements for a short-stay visa, you must provide a number of papers. The following are Slovenia’s official visa requirements:

  1. Slovene application for a visa. Completely and really fill it. After printing it, don’t forget to sign it at the bottom.
  2. Two photographs for a passport. The images must be similar and meet Slovene Schengen visa application photo specifications.

Your current passport. The requirements for your passport should be as follows:

  • It includes at least two blank pages so that a visa may be attached.
  • Not more than ten years old,whose expiration date is at least three months after the day you want to depart
  • Slovenia and the whole Schengen region.
  • Copies of any prior visas you may have had.
  • Slovenia Health Insurance for Travellers. Evidence proving you have travel health insurance that pays out at least 30,000 euros for any medical emergency and covers Slovenia as well as the entire Schengen region.
  • Route of a round-trip flight. A flight booking confirmation document is required to enter and exit Slovenia. The names, dates, and flight numbers should all be listed in this paper.
  • Evidence of Accommodation. I.e., a Slovenian hotel reservation.
  • Proof of citizenship. This might be a marriage licence, a child’s birth certificate, a spouse’s death certificate, etc.
  • Evidence of adequate financial resources. You must provide evidence to the Slovenian embassy or consulate that you possess at least 70 euros daily.
  • A covering letter. a letter from yourself outlining your reasons for wanting to visit Slovenia, your plans for the trip’s duration, your departure date, and other pertinent information.water.


If you are planing to go on vecation with your loved once and want to collect beautiful memories slovenia is the perfect destination. Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants will assist you about Slovenia tourist visa and guide you properly. 


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