Student accommodations in Canada

While making arrangements to finally travel to Canada, searching for accommodations should be on a student’s checklist. Settling into a completely new country can be a bit challenging, so figuring out your place to live beforehand is important. Finding a place which is near to your university, fits your pocket, and is appropriate for you to live in is a difficult task. Firstly you need to make up your mind whether you want to live in On-campus accommodations, off-campus basements or condos, or with your family. This shows us that international students have a wide variety of places to settle in, be it shared rooms with their friends and peers or with their family if they have any living in Canada.

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On-campus accommodations in Canada-

The majority of universities and colleges in Canada offer on-campus accommodations for students. These are well furnished and you can easily settle in as soon as you land in Canada. They are also quite convenient as you attend your classes on time. These accommodations are also easy to book by contacting the student managers on the college website.
Usually, on-campus accommodations are provided for the first year, but the stay can be extended too. These have a lot of facilities kitchens, laundry areas, recreation rooms, study rooms, living areas, gyms, etc. Restaurants and cafes are also there which provide meals that may or may not be included in the rent. Each institution provides a virtual campus tour so that you are aware as to how your accommodation looks like. The rent of such accommodations is a bit expensive due to the large number of facilities which are provided. On-campus accommodations can be beneficial since it may be difficult to look for accommodation outside in a completely new country.

Off-campus accommodations in Canada

The majority of students choose to live off-campus. Hunting for accommodations can be exciting as it gives new opportunities to students to discover new places, meet new people, and find a good neighborhood. Every year thousands of students rent-in in new apartments. The owners of the accommodation provide furnished houses with laundry service, Wi-Fi, electricity, and water. Off-campus accommodations are also beneficial as they may be surrounded near grocery stores and shopping complexes. By living outside the campus, students can easily do part-time jobs.
Depending on the duration of your stay, you can sublet, rent, or live with the host family. Sublet means staying at a place by taking over another student’s lease who may be away for some time. Sublets are generally for a few months. These are very convenient for a temporary stay until you find permanent accommodation. Living with host families is also an ideal option, as they may help you to easily settle in a new nation and may help you to get used to the local culture. Off-campus accommodations are more convenient as you can share your apartment with 3-4 individuals.

Before finding appropriate accommodation you need to recheck the following points-

Budget– The most important factor before choosing a place to live in is the rent and how much can you afford. The rent is paid on monthly basis and the first installment is paid beforehand.
Location– Make sure the place you stay in is close to your college/university. Also, note whether the grocery stores and public transport services are easily available in that area.
The need for roommates– you need to see whether you want to live independently or with other roommates. Sharing an apartment is an economic option.

Making arrangements for your accommodation from your native country is important. Choosing a suitable and safe accommodation is a challenging task and requires a lot of research.

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