• Capital                          : Singapore
  • Dialing code                : +65
  • Currency                       : SGD
  • Population                   : 5.30 Million (Census 2012)
  • Official languages:   : English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil
  • Government               : Unitary state, Constitutional republic
  • National Animal        : Lion
  • National Bird             : Crimson
  • National Flower        : Orchids


The English Name of Singapore is derived from the Malay Word “SINGAPURA”, which means Lion City in Sanskrit. Hence the Customary Reference to the nation as the LION CITY. Singapore is also called a Garden City because there are many trees everywhere which makes it look more like a garden. It is an island country made up of 63 Islands. It separates from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor to its north and from Indonesia’s Riau Islands by the Singapore Strait to its south. The country is highly urbanized with very little primary rainforest remaining, although more land is being created for development through land reclamation.

Singapore is also known for Singlish, or Singaporean English, which is English mixed with some words from Malay and other local languages. The government runs a campaign, the Speak Good English Movement, against english as it makes Singaporeans look less educated and intelligent than they areBuddhism is the most common religion. Other common religions include: Christianity, Islam, Taoism, and Hinduism.

Students in Singapore go through six years of compulsory Primary school, which ends with all students taking a Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

The Changi Airport is the main airport of Singapore. It is in the east of Singapore, with a total of four terminals with airlines flying to many different parts of the world. It has also received many awards for being the best airport in the world. The airport is in Changi. It is on a 13 square kilometers (5.0 sq mi) site which was reclaimed from the sea.

Singapore is hot and wet all year round. It has a tropical climate, which means there are no spring, summer, autumn and winter in Singapore. There is the most rain at the end of the year, and the temperature is usually around 20 °C to 35 °C.


  • STEI
  • Bradford Rex College
  • Coleman College
  • Dimensions International College
  • AllSpice Institute
  • AEC College
  • Addison Institute
  • American Centre of Education
  • Auston institute of Management
  • BMC International College
  • Camford International College
  • Curtin Education Centre
  • ERC Institute
  • Elite International College
  • FTMS Global Academy
  • LSBF
  • SHRM
  • SDH
  • Global Indian International School etc…….


The fees structure of the courses available in Singapore is in the range of SGD 5400 to 12000 p.a. All Fees to be paid after Visa.


  1. Filled out and signed Singapore student visa application form . The same should be filled in Capital Letters.
  2. Original Passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity.
  3. Passport side photographs: 2 no’s
  4. All Educational Certificates right from 10th Onward.
  5. Enrollment Letter. Original enrollment letter from the school in Singapore signed by both the applicant and the school.
  6. Funds should be shown for atleast Rs.13- Rs.15 Lacs in the family name along with Income tax returns for the last 3 years of the sponsor’s.
  7. Experience certificate is required, if there is a gap in studies.


Students are not entitle to work initially for first 6 months after joining the college. The student will get work right after 6 months of course completion and the same will be allowed according to the course.

Disclaimer : We have provided the details according to the best of our knowledge and prevailing norms of the country, which are subject to changes from time to time.


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