Unversities in Uk

What are the types of Universities in UK

What are the types of Universities in UK

The United Kingdom, also known as the UK, has a top-notch educational system that draws many foreign students. This country has all the resources a student needs, including highly regarded universities, financial aid, and degrees that are recognised internationally. In the United Kingdom, there are more than 130 universities, representing an intriguing blend of ancient and contemporary institutions.

Here we will go through the different types of universities in the UK.

Historic universities in the UK

Some of the oldest universities in the world, including the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, are located in the United Kingdom. The lecture halls and hallways in these universities date back 100 years.

These universities, which are renowned for their holistic approach, provide tutorials in addition to lectures so that students can interact with faculty in more intimate settings.

University of Oxford 1096
University of Cambridge 1209
University of St Andrews 1413
University of Glasgow 1451
University of Aberdeen 1495
University of Edinburgh 1582
University of Dublin 1592

Civic or red-brick universities:

In the midst of World War I, these universities were founded in the 19th century. Major industrial cities are said to have founded them to satisfy the rising demand for university-level education in the disciplines of design, science, technology, and engineering.

These institutions want to give their students “real-world” skills. Although they are formally known as civic universities, because of their appearance, they are often referred to as red bricks.

Even though they are built in the middle of cities, public roads pass right through them. The Russell Group, which also consists of Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow, and Imperial, includes nearly all of the red-brick universities.

University of Birmingham 1900
University of Bristol 1909
University of Leeds 1904
University of Liverpool 1903
University of Manchester 2004
University of Sheffield 1905

Plate Glass Universities:

Between 1963 and 1992, Plate Glass universities were founded in the UK as a result of the recommendations made by the Robbins Report on Higher Education. These organisations were established in order to boost the number of universities.

Universities affiliated with Plate Glass are authorised to implement a cutting-edge approach to instruction, curriculum, examination, discipline, and administration. Additionally, they are situated on greenfield sites and are renowned for their architectural design.

Aston University 1966
University of East Anglia 1963
University of Essex 1964-65
University of Kent 1965
Lancaster University 1964
University of Sussex 1961
University of Warwick 1965
University of York 1963

Metropolitan universities, new universities, and polytechnic universities

These universities were established in the 1970s and 1980s to advance technical, scientific, and engineering-related job skills. These institutions instruct students in the best career-development skills. In 1992, they received university status.

Arden universities 1990
Cardiff Metropolitan University 1996
University of Chichester 1997
Plymouth Marjon University 1838
University College Birmingham 1957

Russell Group Universities:

A group of 24 public research universities in the UK is known as the Russell Group. It was founded in 1994 and has its headquarters in Cambridge. Fifteen of its member universities have been listed in the top 100 universities by the Times Higher Education.

The University of Birmingham, Cardiff University, University of Leeds, University of Manchester, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge are a few of the universities the group represents.

Which university is the best fit for you?

You probably find it too difficult to select the universities of the above types. However, it shouldn’t be that threatening. In order to select the best university in the UK, you must consider a number of factors.

Check to see if the university offers the programme you want to enrol in first. If you want to pursue study programmes linked to research and social well-being, Russell Group Universities might be the best option. Make sure the school offers a fantastic educational opportunity that guarantees you a degree that will help you launch a fulfilling career.

However, it is undeniable that conducting independent research can be stressful, particularly if it is your first time. Don’t worry! You can get assistance from our knowledgeable study abroad consultants in selecting the best UK institution.

We keep abreast of UK university requirements and go above and beyond to assist you in getting accepted to the UK university of your choice. Contact us right away!


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