Best places to live in the USA

Best places to live in the USA

What qualities distinguish the Best Places To Live In The Usa? Frequently mentioned factors include satisfied residents, a plentiful job market, excellent schools, and affordable housing. U.S. News examines statistics on the 150 most populated metro areas of the nation, including the cost of living, job market, crime rates, quality of education, and more, to produce the Best Places to Live rankings. The data is weighted based on responses from a poll of around 3,600 people across the United States to ascertain what factors are most important to them when deciding where to reside next. The top 10 places to live in the United States in 2022 are listed below.

Top 10 places to live in the USA

     1. Kirkland, Washington:

Kirkland is, to put it mildly, attractive. Residents can see both Mount Rainier and the Seattle cityscape from their homes, which are perched on the edge of dazzling Lake Washington. Locals can boast about more than simply their appearance, though. They characterize the Seattle suburb as a welcoming neighborhood with excellent schools and job possibilities. Kirkland residents do pay a premium for their seaside lifestyle, with the typical home sale price above $1 million and the average 1-bedroom rental costing close to $2,000. However, there are enough well-paying jobs in the area that the median household income, just under $130,000, is also significantly higher than the national average. The major employer in the city is Evergreen Health, a healthcare organization with two hospitals in the area. brand-new businesses, such as a radar factory.

     2. Portland, Maine:

Due to its high standard of living, relatively stable job market, and expanding reputation as a desirable location to live, Maine’s most populous metro region will continue to occupy the No. 8 position in 2021. Portland is ranked 10th out of 150 metro regions for quality of life, taking into account factors including high school student’s readiness for college, accessibility to high-quality healthcare, crime, air pollution, typical commute times, and people’s overall well-being. According to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Portland is ranked No. 4 for having low rates of property crime, violent crime, and murder, and No. 12 for air quality based on the EPA’s Air Quality Index.

    3. Huntsville, Alabama:

Thanks to its robust job market and affordable cost of living, Huntsville jumps from No. 3 Best Place to Live in the United States in 2022–2023 a desirable combination for many people considering migrating. Out of the 150 most populated metro areas in the U.S., this one in northern Alabama has the third-most reasonable cost of living. It also has a high concentration of STEM-related businesses, which raises the average annual pay for the locals.

    4. Green Bay, Wisconsin:

Green Bay, which is best known as the NFL team’s Packers’ hometown, is located about 100 miles north of Milwaukee. When compared to the region’s median household income, Green Bay has the lowest cost of living in the Best Places to Live list. Just 20.03% of the median family income in Green Bay is spent on rent or mortgage payments, including extra expenses like taxes and utilities.

    5. San Francisco, California:

About 100 miles north of Milwaukee is Green Bay, best known as the home of the NFL franchise the Packers. On the list of the Best Places to Live, Green Bay has the lowest cost of living when compared to the median household income for the area. Including additional costs like taxes and utilities, only 20.03% of the median family income in Green Bay is spent on rent or mortgage payments. Its population comes to under 881549.     

   6. Boulder, Colorado:

Boulder falls to No. 6 after holding the top spot among the 150 most populous metro areas in the US for two years. Receives good marks for its quality of life and robust job economy. Behind San Jose, Boulder’s high school graduates are the second most prepared for college. Boulder is an expensive city to live in, costing 27.26% of the average household income, much as San Jose. The mountains are right outside their door, and inhabitants of Boulder make an average annual salary of $70,450.

    7. Colorado Springs, Colorado:

 which has previously shared the title of a most desirable place to live in the United States with places like Honolulu and other well-liked vacation spots, now takes the top spot in 2022. Colorado Springs climbs to the No. 2 position in this year’s list of the Best Places To Live In The Usa because of steady population growth brought on by net migration and a consistently robust job market. However, the metro area’s affordability has decreased as a result of the region’s rising cost of living, with inhabitants spending 25.96% of family income there on housing costs.

    8. Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina:

Due to its affordability and robust job market, the Raleigh and Durham metro area continues to draw people who want to migrate. Industries in the region that are continually growing include research, technology, education, and health care. Due in large part to its lower ranking for desirability, the Raleigh and Durham metro area drops from its position at No. 2 on the overall Best Places to Live list in 2021, but that doesn’t mean people have stopped moving to the metro area. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, net migration caused the Raleigh and Durham metro region to grow by 5.75 percent between 2016 and 2021.

    9. Austin:

If you enjoy festivals, food trucks, live music (it’s everywhere), generally mild weather, particularly in the summer, and scorching temperatures, consider Austin. Here are held events like South by Southwest, Austin City Limits, and Fun Fest. The area, known as “Silicon Hills,” is also a wonderful spot to establish a business or get employment with a high-tech startup. Google has increased its foothold in Austin, where it already had a strong presence.

  10. Portland, Oregon:

Since the comic series Portland was born here, you should expect it to be quirky, and Portland does not disappoint. Food trucks, a young, experimental culture, and Portland’s proximity to the Pacific Coast, as well as its expansive interior forests and mountains, all contribute to its appeal. Many high-tech companies call this place home, most notably Intel. And close by Beaverton is where Nike’s headquarters are.


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