Top 5 Universities in Ontario:

Universities In Ontario

QS World University Rankings (Nationally)

University of Toronto


Ryerson University


York University


George Brown College


The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies


University of Toronto:

The Greater Toronto Area and Toronto, the most ethnically diverse metropolis in North America, are flourishing, inviting towns with something for everyone. From sports teams to cultural events, festivals, and street fairs, Toronto has it all. There were 93,081 students registered as of the fall 2018 semester, of which 70,062 were domestic students and 23,019 were from 159 different countries and regions.

The University of Toronto was established in 1827 and has since expanded to become the best university in Canada. It is a historically noteworthy building that has served as a hub for learning and research for more than a century. With a strong emphasis on invention and innovation, the institution takes great satisfaction in being one of the top research-intensive universities in the world.

Ryerson University:

  • Undoubtedly expanding is Ryerson University, which is (SEIC) in cutting-edge, career-focused education. It is an urban institution that places a strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. The aim of Ryerson University is to satisfy social needs, and it has a long history of commitment to community involvement.
  • In terms of applications for open spots, Ryerson University is the most sought-after institution in Ontario, and business and civic leaders are increasingly positive about it. A bold academic plan, an ambitious research agenda, and a master plan to rebuild the campus and area around it all serve as the compass for Ryerson University.

York University:

  • The third-largest higher education institution in Canada is York University, which is also located in Toronto (2nd largest in Ontario). Toronto is such an amazing global city that 8,500 international students from more than 178 different countries attend York University! Our multicultural culture is +one that anyone can readily fit into. York University is well known all around the world for its daring partnerships.
  • The two main campuses are the Glendon campus in North York and the Keele location in the Greater Toronto Region. The main campus, Keele, provides more than 160 undergraduate degrees; Glendon is Canada’s only school with a multilingual programme. In addition to working with elementary schools, York University also collaborates with other universities in Hyderabad, Costa Rica, Ontario, and other nations.

George Brown College:

George Brown College, established in 1967, was given its name in honour of the politician and newspaper publisher. The first chancellor of the college was Sally Horsfall Eaton. The college is recognised as being the first organisation to introduce a programme for online learning. Its online education programmes now have over 15,000 international students enrolled.

Three campuses make up the Canadian institution George Brown College: the Waterfront Campus, the St. James Campus, and the Casa Loma Campus. The Casa Loma Campus is the main location and is thought of as the college’s clean and green space.

The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies:

The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies, founded in 1967, is sometimes known as Humber College. It fulfils the function of a publicly sponsored college in Ontario, Canada. Its three main sites are Humber Lakeshore Campus, Humber North Campus, and Humber Orangeville Campus.

There are more than 200 programmes available, including post-graduate diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and apprenticeships. Humber College additionally offers Bridge Training programmes for professionals with international training in the fields of engineering and computer technology. It is the first Ontario College to obtain a Silver rating for the Sustainability Tracking Assessment Rating System.


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