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Sunland Education for PTE Coaching

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A language test for immigration and overseas study is called the Pearson Test of English, or PTE. It is essentially an English Language Test that was developed on a computer to show how well test-takers could communicate in English to universities and colleges in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It is used to assess candidates’ oral and written communication abilities. Additionally, it is recognized for immigration to Australia and New Zealand by DIBP and INZ, respectively. The test offers the students more alternatives as they work toward achieving their goal of studying abroad, which is highly beneficial to them.

Some of the key benefits of the test are:

  • Flexible- the student can choose a date and time that suits him/her. This implies that we can make changes to a test up to 48 hours beforehand.
  • Fast- PTE send the results typically within 5 business days.
  • Convenient- the student gives the test in a single 3 hour session.
  • Unlimited- the student can send free unlimited score reports to Universities for 2 years.


The PTE exam is conducted in 3 formats:

1) PTE Academic Exam,
2) PTE General Exam and
3) PTE young learners.
  1. PTE Academic:

    This test can be taken throughout the year as per the test taker’s convenience and available dates. The candidate’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are tested in this test format. The test is delivered on a computer at a secured exam center. The validity of the scores is 2 years.

  2. PTE General:

    This test can be taken 3 times a year viz. May, June, and December. You can check the available dates from PTE official website. This exam consists of two sections: a written paper and a spoken test similar to an interview. Both sections measure the test-reading, taker’s writing, speaking, and listening abilities using a more practical method. The test format involves six different proficiency levels designed to test and approve the general English language abilities of the test taker. The score is valid for a lifetime.

  3. PTE young learners:

    This test is designed for children from 6 – 13 years. It includes story writing, picture matching, group speaking section, and board game, etc. It is a fun test involving real-life scenarios to evaluate the English language skills of the children in a stress-free way. The score is valid for a lifetime.


The PTE Score Chart aids in determining if a candidate has passed or attained the required standard to move forward. The PTE Score Chart, however, what is it, and how does it work?

The various sections in the PTE exam, (listening, reading, speaking and writing) are scored on a scale of 10-90 where 10 is the lowest. Graded on the scale, the score showcase the person’s ability to read, speak, understand verbal instructions and write the English Language. The total score represents the candidate’s overall proficiency in the English language. The results are shown as a graph, making it simple to see the candidate’s fundamental language abilities as well as opportunities for development.

Understanding PTE Scores is made easier by the following table, which is based on the most current PTE score update.

PTE Academic Score Level of Excellence
30-36 Limited
36-43 Modest
43-50 Modest
50-58 Competent
58-65 Competent
65-79 Good
79-86 Very Good
86-90 Expert

Detailed information about candidate’s PTE Score


PTE Academic Score



Level of Excellence

If the PTE score is between 10 to 29

The candidates who have such a score can mostly use basic phrases and some everyday expressions. They can introduce themselves and engage in some little social interaction.

If the PTE score is between 30 to 42


With these scores, applicants are often able to speak about certain pertinent subjects and utilise common words and idioms. They can interact in a better way with other people. They can share basic personal information and can describe them in a better way.

If the PTE score is between 43 to 50

These applicants often have a good understanding of the common language spoken at work, school, etc. They are also able to describe their experiences and express their opinions on a variety of subjects.

If the PTE score is between 51 to 58


Candidates that receive such a score often possess a strong command of the language. They can communicate with others while making occasional grammatical mistakes and understanding regular spoken language. Additionally, these folks can confidently impart true knowledge regarding daily life. They can also access materials that are recorded or aired for information.

If the PTE score is between 59 to 75


The candidates who have these scores usually can speak and communicate fluently with other people with minor errors. Additionally, they may learn the key ideas of a complicated book.

If the PTE score is between 76 to 84


The level of excellence of the candidates with those scores is known as very good. They can typically comprehend a variety of difficult texts and learn the key ideas included therein. In general, these applicants do a great job at self-describing. Additionally, these applicants have no trouble communicating for social, professional, and academic goals.

If the PTE score is above 85


The candidates with such scores are said to have an expert level of excellence; candidates can easily communicate in English without any difficulty. They can understand the details from various types of written sources and audio sources. They can explain themselves with very much clarity, even in a complex situation.



Any reputable PTE coaching center will provide prospective students a free trial lesson before they enroll in tutoring. Since we value our students’ satisfaction, Sunland Immigration provides free trial classes to prospective students before they enroll in our program . Additionally, it helps kids learn about our efforts and what we can do for them.


Sunland education and immigration consultants is a one-stop center for many facilities. Our experienced and expert trainers  will help you achieve good PTE scores. Besides this, our instructors will work with students to enhance their fluency, grammar, and pronunciation throughout their English proficiency. When our students finish their course with Sunland Education and Immigration Consultant, they see a significant improvement in the development of their personalities.

Students can expect best result as:

  • We have certified and experienced trainers from IDP, who are highly qualified, expert in teaching and handling the students.
  • We provide plenty of up-to-date study material and practice tests.
  • We prioritise client happiness, and our past achievements have demonstrated this.
  • Our trainers give magical tips and tricks to students for clearing the exam. Additionally, we provide daily discussion meetings where students may clarify questions and issues.
  • Apart from all these facilities students get personal attention from the trainers, air- conditioned classrooms, master classes, mock tests, etc.
  • Our new batches start every fortnight.We also provide morning, evening, and weekend batches.
    Additionally, all students can pay the expenses.


The Covid-19 epidemic prompted SUNLAND-CHANDIGARH to launch an online platform for PTE training called LINKON ONLINE CLASSES. We provide all the above-mentioned great facilities on an online platform too.


PTE RESULT are announced by Pearson PLC Group. PTE results include a PTE score card that includes an overall score as well as scores for communicative and enabling abilities . These scores are awarded for Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading sections of Academic or General English Test. PTE results are declared within five days. The Pearson PLC Group makes an effort to reduce this to two days. In contrast to IELTS, where applicants must wait 13 days for the result, candidates receive their PTE results for the current year in just two days.


Our diamonds put forth a lot of effort and late-night work to reach their goal bands. We believe if you have the thirst to achieve something we are here for you to give you wings to your flight. Keep your vision clear.

Our Achievers in PTE Academic Test

S.No. Name Exam Type Scores all around.
1. Saurabh PTE Academic Test 90
2. Pratibha Ranjan PTE Academic Test 90
3. Karanveer Goyal PTE Academic Test 84
4. Siddhart PTE Academic Test 82
5 Harmeet Singh PTE Academic Test 74

So come and join Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants to fulfill your dream of acquiring higher education from the institute of your choice overseas and lead a life you desire. All the best!


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