Mobility Visa

Mobility Visa

A restricted number of countries and territories provide the youth mobility scheme visa to young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to visit and experience life in the UK. Nationals of the “Old Commonwealth” nations of Australia and New Zealand, as well as those of Monaco, are eligible for an unlimited number of visas. For citizens of the Asian nations on the list, there are quotas. 

For young people who are eager to experience living and working in the UK, this visa is a good option. Young people from a select few nations can enter the UK on the Youth Mobility visa and stay and work there for up to two years. If you have all ticks in eligibility criteria you can apply for this visa.

Conditions for admission as a bearer of a Youth Mobility visa

  • Almost any form of employment is available to you.
  • As long as your office space is not your own and your equipment doesn’t cost more than $5,000, you are permitted to work for yourself and form a business. Additionally, you should not employ anyone.
  • You shouldn’t work in the field of professional sports, such as coaching.
  • If you can demonstrate your credentials in the UK, you can only work as a doctor or dentist in training.

No one is eligible for the Youth Mobility Scheme if they have minor children for whom you are financially liable or who reside with you have already visited the UK under the programme , or the former working

Application procedure for a youth mobility visa

Filling out the online application form is the first step in applying for a Youth Mobility Visa. You must fill out an easy form that asks for your personal information. You will be given the option to choose the day on which you want your visa to start once the form has been submitted. Remember that you must submit your application for a Youth Mobility Visa at least three months before the date you wish for your visa to begin. For example, if you intend to arrive in the United Kingdom on November 1st, you must submit your application before August 1st.


You will require the following to apply for this visa:

  • A valid passport (at least one blank page and at least six months of remaining validity are required)
  • A statement from your bank demonstrating savings of at least £1,890
  • Test results for tuberculosis, if any
  • Health fee: As a reminder, the National Health Service will want an additional £600 health surcharge at the time the application is submitted.
  • If your documents are not in English or Welsh, a certified translation must be submitted with them. Depending on the circumstances, more documentation can be needed.

How to Use?

  • Check the documentation requirements before to applying. The healthcare fee will also need to be paid by the applicants as part of their application. Check the price before applying.
  • Outside of the UK, applicants must submit their applications online. Applicants must provide identification documentation as part of their application. This depends on their nationality and the sort of passport they have.
  • At a visa application centre, the applicants’ fingerprints and pictures will be taken. To obtain a biometric residency permit, do this. The applicants must create or sign into an account with UK Visas.


If you want to apply you can take help from Sunland Education and immigration Consultants as they have expertise in immigration work from more than 20 years .


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