Canada Vs India

Study in Canada VS India after bachelors:

Study in Canada VS India after bachelors:

Canada Vs India; Canada is better for studies after graduation as it opens a door for opportunities. Even it gives you a better and quality life.

  1. Academic excellence:

Study in India is mostly theoretical and merely practical. Canada will allow you to experience more and more practical problems of the subject and helps you come over that. It gives more chances to study a subject thoroughly by providing the students projects or tasks.

     2. Plagiarism:

In order to avoid plagiarism, one should study in Canada. Not only there are strict rules against plagiarism, but also Canadian institutes take proper measures to avoid plagiarism. Strict actions are taken against the violation of rules.

     3. Earn while you learn:

One of the major benefits of studying in Canada is that you can earn while studying. A student is allowed to work for about 40 hours in a week. Living, as well as educational expenses can be covered while working.

     4. Quality of life:

Canada has a better quality life than India. Also, it has been considered as one of the safest nations in the world. Quality of life also translates in to basic necessities of life like clean air, clean water, and lower population, etc.

     5. Cultural diversity:

Canada is a welcoming country and people from diverse countries have migrated there. You will experience diverse cultural festivals too.

     6. Cost of living:


Average cost of living in Canada per year

Average cost of living in India per year


CAD 4800 – CAD 7200 (2.86 lakhs -4.29 lakhs)


Food expenses

CAD 2400 – CAD 3600 (1.43 lakhs – 2.15 lakhs)

36,000 – 60,000

Utility costs (including water, heating, and electricity charges)

CAD 1680 (1 lakh)



CAD 1200 (71,500) – CAD 3000 (1.79 lakhs)

36,000 – 48,000


CAD 7500 (4.47 lakhs)

10,800 – 1,80,00

Cost in Canada might be a little higher than India but it is certainly worth shifting in Canada. Moreover, the expenses can easily be covered with part- time or full- time jobs or money can even be saved.


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