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Ms. Anisha Gupta is our Registered Migration Agent (MARA),

 Australia bearing Marn No. 0954994

 Mara Agents in India

About Sunland Education

Established in the Year 2001, the Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants is leading in north India. At Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants (SEIC), we provide you best services for immigration to various countries as we are authentic MARA agents of Australia since 2009 dealing and providing services to the customers by covering the northern part of India. Head office in Chandigarh whereas branch office in other neighboring states Punjab, Haryana, Himachal also.

If you ever decide to move to country of kangaroo, AUSTRALIA for IMMIGRATION consultant, then Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection recommends using of a registered immigration agent as they have good knowledge and are aware of Australian Immigration Law & Culture.

At Sunland Education and Immigration Consultant Ms Anisha Gupta is our CEO, the best Mara agent in India to get free consultancy and guidance or alternatively, you can contact her on mobile no.  987-255-4433 having 19 year of experience, She is experts in Australian immigration, she will provide genuine and undoubtedly trusted services to get your Australian migration visas.

On searching the MARA website:  You can also find Ms. Anisha Gupta on the provided list of Australian immigration consultants in Chandigarh and all over in India and their business office.

MARA Agents in India will:

  • Guide which visa options are available for client, and recommend the best suitable option.
  • Prepare documents for your visa application filing.
  • lodge a well-prepared application file with all required documents, which can make it easier and faster to get a decision from Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and
  • contact DIBP or other organizations to discuss or ask questions about your application

MARA Agents in doesn’t guarantee your application will be successful as the decision lies in the hand of immigration Department and they cannot help you get a visa if you do not meet the visa requirements and cannot guarantee faster processing of your application as it depends on a number of factors.

MARA Agents:

  • Be honest about your chances of visa success.
  • keep you informed about the your application and any changes that may affect it
  • Contactable during business hours and tell if there any change in contact No.
  • They protect your privacy, act within the law and best interests.
  • Not act for you if there is a conflict and should declare any interest that may affect your application.
  • Gives you a written statement before start working on your case of the services to be provided, the estimated details fees and other costs
  • Charging reasonable fee and if paid in advance then keep this in a separate bank account
  • Providing an invoice listing the actual services completed and the amount charged or payable.
  • Correct advice providing to client timely and telling them in writing about the progress of result of application filed as soon as possible.

What is immigration assistance?

A person can only gives immigration assistance if he or she claims to have knowledge or experience in migration procedure to assist a clients with matters related under the Migration Act 1958 by:

  • preparing, or helping to prepare, a visa application or other document
  • advising about a visa application or visa matter
  • preparing for proceedings before a court or review authority in relation to a visa application or visa matter, and
  • Representing in proceedings before a court or review authority in relation to a visa application or visa matter.

Immigration assistance does not include simply filling case, translating or interpreting or passing on information about it without comment or explanation.

Code of Conduct

As per Special Code of Conduct MARA Agents are obliged to meet those standards

The MARA agents are professional and follow ethical standards.

Professional standards and obligations 

Sunland Education and immigration consultant are always ready to help students, tourist, and skilled migrants providing them expert immigration guidance and advice, proper, transparent, hassle free, efficient and effective procedure for visa application services are provide to increases your chances for a successful visa outcome.

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You can search and check her authenticity at the office website of MARA AGENT:

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