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Canada Permanent Resident Visa :-

These days Canada Permanent Resident Visa is one of the most preferred Visa  for immigration settling. UNO has rated Canada as number one place across the globe for PR on basis of several compelling Factors like quality of living, Environment, security, career Opportunities, crime, etc.

Canada PR

If you are among the immigration aspirants, this page is right destination especially designed, so that you can get extensive information and detail about the Canadian Immigration process and popular Visa Categories, i.e. Visit Visa ,PR Visa, Skilled Visa, Investor Visa , Study  Visa, Business Visa, etc.

Canada Language & Culture:-

English & French these two official languages is enjoyed by widespread popularity across many countries as well as in Canada too. The presence of different nations having varied religion and ethnic background further gives multicultural Environment and thus make  it as best place in the world to live or study.

What Canada has to offer to skilled professionals, Businessmen & International Students?

Immigration flow for Canada Permanent Resident Visa is very high because of diverse reasons which attract immigrants of every class, category and occupation. Immigrants further can be split into three major categories, i.e. Investors, Businessmen, Skilled Workers and International Students. Whilst, these three categories have predominant share in immigration number in the annual immigration in Canada. However, family movement also contributes to immigration numbers.

  • What is there for Skilled/professionals Foreigners:- Canada offers adequate business freedoms to the foreigner talented labourers across its different urban communities and enterprises, being an expertise deficiency country. There are N number of occupations, and profoundly popular are for example Designing, Healthcare, IT, inn and the travel industry, Construction works, Service Sector, and so forth The Canadian government has grouped the occupations according to the Skill levels, for example Public Occupational Classification and Federal Skilled Worker. NOC consider expertise levels (Skill 0, A, B, and so forth) and likewise they are welcomed abroad for talented work close by FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) stream up through PNP projects of different areas and Express Entry.
  • Investors & Businessmen:-  Canada has introduced different business movement projects to draw in unfamiliar speculation pools in their country. A greater part of these business migration programs offers Canada PR Visa to the financial backers or Business wannabe, alongside their families. These candidates need to do certain interests in Canada and satisfy the required fundamental rules of that program. Business visas are exceptionally welcomed as their commitment to the Canadian economy and advancement is phenomenal. These visas are the critical wellspring of making occupations and settlement in Canada through the venture.
  • International Students:-  Canada is known for its worldwide norm of the instruction framework. It’s anything but a place that is known for the world’s most reputed and celebrated Universities, which give current schooling on an immense scope of scholastic and professional courses. Being a quiet, wrongdoing free and safe country, it’s anything but an optimal examination climate that draws in and invites a huge number of worldwide students here yearly. As of late, the public authority has facilitated the migration rules for worldwide students and in this way assisted them with gettingCanada Permanent Resident Visa International students are the potential labor force expected to fill the gifted specialist holes across Canadian urban communities and ventures.

 What are the Immigration Programs in Canada?

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)  – One of the major reasons for the huge emigrant influx in Canada is  because of launching of  many emigrant friendly immigration programs in coordination with skilled human resource requirement of different industries and cities in  Canada, i.e. Express Entry, QSWP, and various PNPS. These programs have different requirements and criteria. Below is the list of these immigration Favoring Programs.

Skilled immigrants (Express Entry) Program, Quebec-selected skilled workers, Canadian Experience Class Program, Start-up visa Program, Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program, Self-employed Persons Program, Family sponsorship Program, Provincial nominees Program, Caregivers Program, Refugees Program.

Documents Requirements for Canada Permanent Resident Visa.

What are the key requirements of Canada Permanent Resident Visa:-

For Immigration requirements documentation may vary as per different immigration programs or visa categories Availability. However, still there are certain basic documentation requirements which are common for most of the Canadian Immigration programs. Below is the requirement for immigration like Express Entry, QSWP, PNP in immigration programs.

  • Language Proficiency: One has to provide a proof of language proficiency in any of the official languages, i.e. English and French through a certified or registered Agency Like, i.e. IELTS / CELPIP (International English Language Testing System) for English.
  • Education: Provide your ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report along with the application for Immigration. The ECA is the common way of getting your Academic Assessment.
  • Health and Character requirements: Other eligible criteria for Canada immigration is your good health and Character Certificate not old then 6 months. Prepare and provide these essential certifications.

The other factors affecting your Application for immigration are, i.e. Age, Work Experience, adaptability, etc. and points also vary according to the immigration program or the visa type immigrant are filling.

A question arises in everybody’s mind that how long does it take for completion of the process.

Processing Time for Canada PR Visa

The Immigration Application Process Timing depends on many factors like the type of visa an immigrant has applied, correctly filled and submitting application Form with the required Documentation   for approval, etc. It may vary based on the below factors:

  • Availability of Immigration:- Program applicable to your Profile and further these programs vary in their processing time.
  • Visa Application:- Correctly filling of the application form for minimizing the chances of getting the case rejection or any further delay.
  • Documents:-  Arranging the profile with all the required documents for quick process
  • LMIA Approval:- Taking LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) approval in case of Immigrant  get a job offer

 Points based immigration system

The Canada Immigration has introduced points based system.  The points are allocated to different Factors associated to your Profile like i.e. Education level, Age group, Work Experience, Language Proficiency etc. points are different for different program. On scoring certain required points your path is clear for legal settlement in Canada.

Canada Immigration policy allows only two types of immigration

  • The Temporary immigration or visa: Student Visa, Work Permit, Live-in-Caregiver, Canada PR, Visitor/tourist Visited.
  • The Permanent ResidencySkilled Worker Category visa, Business or investors visa, or the Family Sponsorship visa

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