Gap acceptable in Canada Study Visa

Gap acceptable in Canada Study Visa

There are several courses which allow you to study even if you have gap years in studying for Canada Study Visa.



Also, some universities allow you to have more gap years (for special cases). Valid reasons must be provided for the study gap.

Acceptable reasons for acceptance of study gap:

  1. Health Concerns:

Unavoidable events like illness are regarded as a gap because of health concerns. Yet, if you want to study in Canada, you must submit the supporting documentation to show that you have missed classes because of an illness. The diagnosis, health reports, and information about doctor appointments are all examples of evidence that the patient is ill.

     2. Problems with family and finances: 

In general, Canada costs more to study than India. Gap year is acceptable while making financial arrangements.
The Canadian University might approve your break from studies if you resolve your financial problems before you apply for an Canada Study Visa and are forced to take a vacation from your studies. You can do that by telling the university about the gap in your coursework or by mentioning it in your GTE statement. However, you must still meet the financing requirements for the student visa.

    3. Desires to get employment experience: 

One of the most popular explanations for the study gap is gaining experience. Several universities even favour applicants who have some professional experience. You might need to provide the institution with some documentation in order to use your gap year for work experience. You must provide all the necessary documentation to substantiate your experience.

   4. Preparation of examination: 

An individual requires a lot of time to prepare in order to pass a specific exam. For instance, to fulfill the requirements for studying in Canada, a person might need to prepare for the IELTS exam. You can explain the cause for the Canada Study Visa gap by providing the statement of the result.

   5. Volunteering Activities: 

It's possible for someone to give  their time for causes like social services or healthcare. A positive value can be added to your portfolio by engaging in such activities. About the actions, you must distribute supporting documentation.


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