Applying for a permanent resident visa for Canada from India?

Applying for a permanent resident visa for Canada from India?

What is Canada PR Visa

Immigrants who wish to live and work in Canada for an indefinite period of time are granted a Canada PR Visa. To obtain a Canada PR Visa, a prospective applicant must submit an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) Canada.

How can an Indian citizen apply for a Canada PR visa in 2023?

For Indians looking to permanently relocate abroad in search of a higher standard of living and more opportunities for professional advancement, Canada is the top choice. India has also been the main source of skilled immigrants moving to Canada and settling there permanently.

The main factor in Canada’s recovery from the pandemic is immigration. Canada recently revealed its immigration targets for 2021, 2022, and 2023, when it expects to accept 40,000, 411,000, and 421,000 immigrants, respectively. demonstrating the federal government’s commitment to embracing an increasing number of skilled immigrants to support the growth of the nation’s economy.

Obtaining a PR Visa is the ideal way to relocate to Canada Citizenship from India. As a permanent resident of Canada, you are eligible for the following advantages: 

  • For five years, you can live, work, or study anywhere in the nation.
  • After a certain amount of time, may apply for citizenship in Canada.
  • Healthcare availability and a government-funded education system.
  • Benefits from social security.

Applying under a Canadian immigration programme that enables you to apply for a PR Visa is the first step if you want to become a permanent resident of Canada.

What are the various immigration schemes for a PR visa for Canada?

The requirements and application process vary depending on the immigration programme that offers a route to permanent residence in Canada Citizenship. Depending on your skill sets, you must select the appropriate immigration programme. The following are the main immigration programmes for Canada Citizenship PR Visas:

  • The Express Entry system
  • Program for Provincial Nominees (PNPs)
  • Program for Business Immigration
  • Quebec Immigration 
  • Family-Class Immigration

How do I use the Express Entry Program to apply for a Canada PR Visa?

Express entry offers PR Visa applicants a quick immigration route; the application processing time ranges from 6 to 8 months. It is an application management system that controls and maintains the profiles of immigrants who have submitted applications for PR Visas through three significant federal economic immigration programmes:

  • Program for Federally Skilled Workers (FSWP)
  • Canadian Experience Class  (CEC)
  •  Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

You must receive 67 out of a possible 100 points on the FSWP point assessment grid in order to qualify for FSW, which is the main source of skilled immigrants. The following criteria are used in the 67 points calculator for PR Visa to assign scores:

  1. Language Skills 
  2. Age
  3. Experience at Work
  4. Adaptability 
  5.  Education 
  6. Arranged Employment

All of the profiles in the express entry pool are ranked using the Comprehensive Rankings System (CRS), a ranking system. Invitation To Apply (ITA) letters are then given to higher-ranked profiles, instructing them to submit their PR Visa applications to Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

You will have 60 days from the time you receive your ITA to submit your PR Visa application along with all necessary documentation.

You must submit a number of important documents with your application for a Canada PR visa, including:

  • travelling papers
  • IELTS test results
  • With ECA, an academic degree, diploma, or certificate
  • evidence of your work history
  • health certification
  • Police Clearance Document (PCC)
  • evidence of money

You will receive your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) via mail following the successful review of your application by IRCC and the submission of your biometrics. Your PR Visa card can be obtained at the Canadian Citizenship border crossing.

Move to the province of your choice thanks to the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program is an immigration programme that allows provinces and territories in Canada to nominate skilled immigrants to live in their province as permanent residents (PNP).

The main Canada PNPs and their associated immigration streams are shown in the following table:

Provincial  Nominee Programs (PNP) Immigration Streams
Program for Immigrant Nominees in Alberta (AINP)
  • Opportunity Stream in Alberta (AOS)
  • Express Entry Stream for Alberta
  • Pathway for Self-Employed Farmers
  • Pathway for Graduate Entrepreneurs Abroad
Program for Provincial Nominees in British Columbia (BC PNP)
  • BSI Immigration Skills
  • BC Express Entry
  • Immigration for business in BC
Provincial Nominee Program for Manitoba (MPNP)
  • Workers in Manitoba with Skills
  • Foreign Skilled Workers
  • Pathway to International Education
Provincial Nominee Program for New Brunswick (NBPNP)
  • Northeast Express Entry Stream
  • NB Stream for Skilled Workers
  • Business immigration in New Brunswick
Province of Newfoundland and Labrador Nominee Program (NLPNP)
  • Express Entry Skilled Worker for Newfoundland
  • Essential Skills
  • Foreign University Graduate
  • Entrepreneurial International Graduate
Nominee Program for Nova Scotia (NSNP)
  • Atlantic Canada Express Entry
  • Atlantic Canada Skilled Worker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Physician
  • profession in demand
  • Graduate Entrepreneur Abroad
Program for Immigrant Nominees in Ontario (OINP)
  • Stream of Human Capital Priorities
  • Recruiter Job Offer
  • Enterprise Immigration
Provincial Nominee Program for Prince Edward Island (PEI PNP)
  • Express Entry for PEI
  • Skilled PEI PNP Workers Outside of Canada
  • PEI’s Skilled Workforce
  • Foreign University Graduate
  • Important Work
  • Commercial Work Permit
Program for Immigrant Nominees in Saskatchewan (SINP)
  • Program for International Skilled Workers
  • Program for Saskatchewan Experience
  • Program for Business Immigration in Saskatchewan
PNP for Northwest Territories
  • Employer Motivated
  • Business
Nominee Program for Yukon (YNP)
  • Expert Worker
  • Explicit Entry
  • work with critical impact
  • Business Candidate
  • Neighborhood Pilot


The requirements for each of the aforementioned PNPs vary depending on the needs of the regional labour market. For immigrants who are unable to meet the requirements of the Express entry programme, PNPs offer a good alternative.

How are PNPs connected to Express Entry?

The majority of PNPs have access to an enhanced immigration stream that enables them to look for skilled immigrants in the express entry pool maintained by the federal government. The Express Entry programme is in line with these streams.

Candidates for Express Entry who receive a provincial nomination certificate receive a significant boost of 600 CRS points. With so many points, the candidate effectively has an ITA locked up for the upcoming round of invitations.

Start your business in Canada through business immigration

By welcoming seasoned businessmen with the necessary skills and work experience to contribute to the province’s economic development, Canada Business Immigration offers an immigration route that seeks to open up new opportunities in the local market of the province.

Currently, a number of programmes are created and implemented under the heading of business immigration to encourage and develop the nation’s economy by luring business owners, employees, and investors. The programmes for business immigration are as follows:

  • Visa for Self-Employed
  • Entrepreneur PNP Visa
  • Visitor Business Visa
  • Beginning Visa

Quebec also provides programmes for independent contractors and immigrant business owners.

Family reunions through the Family Class of Immigration

Family reunification is a cornerstone of Canadian immigration laws. A Canadian spouse visa enables citizens or permanent residents of Canada over the age of 18 to sponsor their spouses, dependent children, parents, or grandparents to relocate to Canada Citizenship.

Who is eligible for dependent sponsorship?

The following family members may be sponsored for a dependent visa:

  • A spouse, common-law spouse, or a romantic partner.
  • Dependent young people under 21.
  • Grandparents or parents.
  • A child you brought to Canada Citizenship through adoption while you were a citizen or permanent resident.
  • Members of your family, such as a sister, brother, niece, nephew, uncle, or other close relatives.

What are the prerequisites for becoming a sponsor?

The applicant must fulfil the following conditions in order to sponsor their spouse, partner, or dependent child:

  • A minimum age of 18 is required.
  • Must be a Citizenship of Canada, a permanent resident of Canada, or someone who has registered as an Indian with The Canadian Indian Act.
  • They must demonstrate that they are not receiving social assistance due to a disability.
  • Must fulfil the fundamental requirements of any sponsored person.

Fundamentals of Quebec immigration

The immigration system in the province of Quebec is independent. Candidates for immigration to Quebec must be fluent in French. You can apply for any of the following immigration programmes run by Immigration Quebec if you want to move to Quebec:

  • Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) 
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) 
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program

Qualified workers can apply for permanent resident status in Quebec through the QSWP. To apply for this, follow these two steps:

Step 1: Apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate in  (CSQ).

Step 2: Submit your CSQ certificate along with your PR Visa application to IRCC.

Canada has over 80 immigration programmes to make your move to Canada as easy as possible.

What does it cost to get a Canada PR visa?

The two main types of Canada PR visa fees are Fixed fees and Variable fees. Processing fees, RPRF for the right to permanent residence, IELTS test fees, etc. are examples of fixed fees. It includes a medical exam, a police clearance certificate, etc. for variable fees. The fees for applicants who submitted an express entry application are listed below:

  • Fees for the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) range from 227 to 322.
  • Fees for processing applications: 825 CAD.
  • Fees for the right to permanent residence: 515 CAD.
  • CAD 230 for each dependent child.
  • IELTS test costs INR 14,700, whether it is delivered digitally or on paper.
  • CAD 85 in biometric fees (per person).

In addition, applicants who have not yet received a job offer must provide evidence of their financial ability to support themselves and any accompanying family members during their move to Canada. Depending on the accompanying family members, proof of funds or settlement funds may be required. The necessary proofs of funds are displayed in the following table:

Number of Family Members Funds Required (In-CAD)
1 $12,960
2 $16,135
3 $19,836
4 $24,083
5 $27,315
6 $30,806
7 $34,299
For each additional family member $3,492

Candidates must provide the aforementioned financial proofs, such as bank and credit card statements, at the time of application. Details must be typed out on the letterhead of the financial institution and duly signed by the appropriate officials.

How Sunland  Education Can Help You?

Through the Express Entry Program, Sunland Education has helped thousands of people successfully immigrate to Canada  with their families. Our knowledgeable and experienced immigration experts are capable of accurately evaluating your situation and recommending the best course of action for meeting your needs.

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