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Italy is basically located in southern part of Europe. It consists of pleasing sites and is often narrated as a country which is shaped like a boot. Moreover, it have story mountains and is surrounded by Adriatic Sea, Tyrrhenian sea, Mediterranian Sea and other water bodies.

Italian culture and traditions:

  • Italy have about 58.9 Million of populations, among which 96% of people are Italian. The rest of population are of foreigners.
  • Art, music and food are the main delivers of Italy. The Roman Empire, the Roman catholic church and the main center of the Renaissance are the epicenters of the country. While, the official language of Italy is Italian, other language like French, German, Greek and Abanian is also used by the people.

Economy of Italy:-

Italian being the third-largest national economy in the European Union, is a highly developed social market economy.

Export Partners Import Partners Export
Germany, French, U.S, Spain, UK, Switzerland. Germany, France, China, Netherland, Spain, Belgium. Export made in 2022 was worth 57327.25 Milliion Euros.


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