Australia: 4 Things to Do on a Tourist Visa

Australia: 4 Things to Do on a Tourist Visa

Although Australia is a fantastic destination, traveling there on an Australia Tourist Visa might be a little confusing. This list of well-liked activities that might be limited or outlawed when entering Australia on a brief stay visa has been put together by us.

1. visiting a country with a temporary partner visa

You must confirm the validity of your relationship if you are traveling to Australia with a temporary companion.

This visa’s primary objective is to enable applicants to live in Australia with their foreign partners and family members.

If your partner has been lawfully admitted as an Australian citizen or permanent resident since before November 19, 2001 (when the new legislation took effect), the partner visa enables you to live in Australia for up to five years.

Your connection will be viewed as “fraudulent” and could result in your expulsion from Australia if it hasn’t been proved beforehand.

2. working while on a tourist visa in Australia

With a tourist visa, you can work in Australia. You should be mindful of the following, though:

  • With a tourist visa, you can only work for up to six months. Your employer might wish to sponsor your stay if you want to stay longer than this or ask you to return after the first six months if you do.
  • For instance, if a visitor from Europe wants to live permanently in Australia, they will require a different form of visa called “permanent residency,” which gives them access to all of Australia, including major cities like Sydney (where we live).

3. On a tourist visa, study in Australia:

It could be time for a tourist visa if you want to study in Australia but can’t afford the exorbitant tuition costs. You must fulfill the conditions of your student visa and demonstrate that you have the money necessary to afford the cost of living in Australia.

If You can pursue your studies while on a tourist visa:

  • You are not a student at a school (or college) that requires English.
  • Your course is over in fewer than a year.

4. Utilise your tourist visa to explore Australia:

There are a few considerations if you want to travel around Australia on a tourist visa. If your relatives and friends reside in the same nation as you, you may visit them.

You are not allowed to work or study while you are there, but if you’re thinking about taking some time off to travel across Australia with family and friends, this might not be a problem for everyone (especially if it’s just for a week).

The major drawback of traveling to Australia as a tourist is that you cannot apply for permanent residency while you are there; you must wait at least six months after returning home before doing so.

Furthermore, importing pets into Australia necessitates particular documentation from you and any animals involved; if not, they will be kept at customs until their paperwork clears (which might take up to three weeks).

Be aware of what is permitted and prohibited when visiting Australia.

Checking your visa status should be your first action after arriving in Australia. If it’s not what you anticipated, speak with an immigration attorney to determine your next course of action. (You might also give us a call at [email protected]).

Whether Your Visa Is Current:

If your visa has been accepted by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), you are permitted to live and work there.

The following steps must be followed to apply for a tourist visa: visit the DHA website, complete their online application form, pay a $50 application fee, wait 10 business days for an approval letter from DHA, return home with a passport stamped with the words “approved guest”; this signifies that all other requirements for stays longer than three months have been satisfied and no additional paperwork, documentation, consular processing, etc., are required.


We hope that this information has helped you with your travel planning to Australia. If you are interested in settling in Australia, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our immigration specialists at “Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants”.


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