What documents are required for an Australia Family Visa?

What documents are required for an Australia Family Visa?

What documents are required for an Australia Family Visa?

Family members may be sponsored for entry into Australia by any Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealander. Living with family and dependent relatives is encouraged by the Australian government. Those who qualify may sponsor their parents, dependent children, or other relatives to immigrate to Australia temporarily or permanently under the Australian family migration scheme. Numerous family groups are covered by the Australia Family Visa, from extended families like parents and siblings to close relatives.

In the majority of cases, a sponsor must show that they have the resources to support the family member in Australia for up to two years after they arrive. The provision of the Assurance of Support (AoS), which involves the payment of a ten-year financial bond, may be required of the sponsor in certain circumstances. One way to bring your family to Australia is to apply for a family visa there. Partner, Parent, and Child Visas are just a few of the different types of family visas available.

Required Documentation for a Family Visa

The documentation for Parent Visa subclasses 103, 143, 173, Temporary Parent Visa 870, and Last Remaining Relative Visa 115/835 must be ready well in advance of the planned family migration to Australia. These documents must be validated and translated, which requires that they:

  • certificates of birth for children
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Family Situation
  • Every copy of a passport that has been verified (by a peace magistrate, police station, or municipality)

How do I apply for a PR Visa for Australia?

You must first ascertain your eligibility before submitting an Australia PR Visa application. You need to receive 65 points to be qualified for the process.

Once it has been determined that you are eligible for a PR visa, you must apply for a skill assessment. The skill evaluation is carried out by a designated authority. This should be followed by submitting your application online.

The “Expression of Interest” procedure for the online pool is used. Following the acceptance of your application, you have 60 days to provide the necessary documentation to DIBP. As long as your documentation is successfully validated, you will be given a visa.

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