Gap acceptable in Australia Study Visa

In Australia, a study gap of 1-2 years is commonly acceptable for Australia Study Visa.

Acceptable reasons for acceptance of study gap:

  •  Health issues
  •  Family and financial issues
  • Wants to gain work experience 
  •  Preparing for an exam
  •  Volunteering activities
  1. Health Issues:

Unavoidable situations such as illness are considered in gap due to health issues. However, if you wish to study in Australia, you are supposed to attach the documents to prove that you haven’t been studying due to illness. The evidence proving the illness includes diagnosis, health reports, and the details of the Doctor’s appointments.

       2. Family and financial issues: 

In case someone deals with the financial issues before they apply for In Australia, a study gap of 1-2 years is commonly acceptable for Australia Study Visa. and have to take a break from studies, your gap may be accepted by the Australian University. For that, you may inform the university about the study gap or write in your GTE statement about the problems you faced. Also, you still need to fulfil the requirements of funding for the student visa.

       3. Wants to gain work experience: 

Gaining experience is one of the most common reasons for the study gap. Some universities even prefer students with some work experience. To avail your gap year through work experience, you might need to shoe the university some proofs. All the supporting documents are needed to verify your experience.

       4. Preparing for an exam: 

In order to qualify for a particular exam, a person needs a lot of time to prepare. For example, a person might need to prepare for IELTS exam to satisfy the study requirements in Australia, a study gap of 1-2 years is commonly acceptable for Australia Study Visa. Providing the statement of the result will help you cover the reason for gap in study.

       5. Volunteering Activities: 

A person might be volunteering in the activities like Social Services, Healthcare Services, etc. Such activities can provide a positive value in your portfolio. You must share supporting documents about the activities.


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