Canada Citizeship

Canadian Citizenship Requirements

Canadian Citizenship Requirements:

Canada is a land of opportunity and rich culture. The Canadian Citizenship application can aid permanent residents in pursuing their dream of remaining in Canada as citizens for the rest of their lives. Read on to find out how to become a Canadian citizen. All people looking to relocate to Canada will find plenty of opportunities there. There are many ways to accomplish your immigration goals, regardless of whether you are coming to study, visit, or work. Many foreigners make the decision to settle in Canada permanently and eventually become Canadian citizens in some cases.

Processing time: 12 months

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Conditions for Canadian Citizenship

Most applicants for Canadian citizenship must:

  • Be a resident permanently
  • Have spent at least three of the last five years in Canada (1,095 days)
  • Have submitted your taxes, if necessary
  • The citizenship test is passed
  • Demonstrate your fluency in either French or English.

Additionally, the following factors may have an impact on your eligibility:

  • You still need to fulfil the requirements for your permanent resident status.
  • You are accused of committing a crime or have a criminal record either inside or outside of Canada.
  • You’ve been given permission to leave Canada.
  • For making false statements, the Canadian government has denied you citizenship.
  • Your citizenship in Canada has been revoked.

Status as a Permanent Resident (PR Card)

No matter your age, you need a PR Card in Canada if you want to apply for citizenship.

This means that you cannot:

  • Be the subject of an investigation for fraud or immigration
  • Be asked to leave Canada by Canadian authorities (removal order)
  • Have pending requirements relating to your PR status, like medical testing

How to Apply for Citizenship in Canada

  1. Obtain a software package.

The instruction manual and all the necessary forms are included in the application package. To make sure you don’t forget anything, use the document checklist and instruction manual. Use a copy of the application form that is dated October 2017 or later.

2. Pay the application fees.

Whether you are a minor (under 18) or an adult will affect your fees. Your fees could consist of:

  • Processing charge
  • The cost of acquiring citizenship

You can pay all the fees at once if you’re submitting multiple applications at once.

3. Send your resume in.

The day before you sign the application form, you must be qualified for Canadian citizenship.

FAQ on Canadian Citizenship

Among the benefits of obtaining Canadian citizenship are the following:

  • Being qualified for more positions
  • Not need to be concerned about losing your status.
  • Either cast a ballot or run for office
  • Without the need to renew your status
  • A Canadian passport enables travel

Test for Canadian Citizenship

You might be required to take a citizenship test after your application has been accepted. The citizenship test is intended to let you show off your knowledge of Canada. There are 20 questions total, and they cover:

  • Canadians’ Rights and Responsibilities
  • History
  • Geopolitics
  • Economy
  • Government
  • Rules
  • Symbols

The test lasts 30 minutes and can be given in either French or English. Both true/false and multiple-choice questions are included in the exam. The test may occasionally be administered orally. You can prepare for this test using the free tools provided by the government.

When your completed application has begun processing, you will receive an invitation to take the citizenship test. A time and date for the exam will be given to you. If you are unable to take the exam, you must inform the government in writing and request a new exam date. Your application might be rejected if you don’t have a good excuse. You will be given a new date and time if you need to request a new date and have a good reason.

You will have an interview with an official following the test.

Dec 2020 Update: After being suspended during COVID-19, the Canadian Citizenship Test is now being taken. People can now take citizenship exams online through the IRCC.

Age/ Situation
Needs to Take the Test
Adult 18-54 Yes
Adult 55+ Yes
Minor Under 18 with a Canadian Parent or Parent Applying at the Same Time No
Minor 14- 17 without a Canadian Parent or Parent Applying at the Same Time No
Minor under 14 without a Canadian Parent or Parent Applying at the Same Time No

Citizenship Oath

The final step in the citizenship process is the oath of citizenship. Normally, two weeks prior to the ceremony, you will be informed of the date. If for any reason you are unable to attend, please let us know so that we can arrange another date. All throughout the year, ceremonies are held across Canada. During Citizenship Week and Canada Day, special oath ceremonies are held.

  • Who Needs to Swear the Oath?

The citizenship ceremony and oath must be taken in front of adults and children who are at least 14 years old. The ceremony is open to children under 14; however, they are not required to take the oath.

  • What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Event Notification
  • copy of the Permission Release and Consent form that has been signed (this is included with your notice)
  • confirmation of a permanent address or a permanent resident card
  • Landing record (if you arrived before June 28, 2002)
  • Personal Identification in Two Forms
  • All travel documents, including passports
  • What Happens At the Oath Ceremony?

You’ll attend the ceremony as:

  • Taking the Oath of Citizenship
  • Receiving your Citizenship Certificate 
  • Signing the Oath 
  • Singing the National Anthem

The ceremony, which will be held in front of many other applicants, will be presided over by a judge or official. It will be read aloud in both French and English. The oath must be recited in one of the two languages. You have the option of swearing the oath or affirming it (done without regard to your religious beliefs) (done with reference to religious beliefs). Even though the national anthem and oath will both be played during the ceremony, you can choose to prepare for it beforehand.

  • Applying for a Passport

You can apply for a Canadian passport once you become a citizen. You can apply at any time two business days after your ceremony and will require this as an official travel document.


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